Caught on camera: Cat keeps moving toys around the house [Video]

sneaky cat keeps moving toys around the house

  • A mom was wondering why her daughter’s toys kept missing, so she set up hidden cameras around their home.
  • It turns out that the culprit was their cat, Batman.
  • The cameras showed the cat grabbing the toys and moving them all around the house.

Christine noticed her daughter’s toys go missing one by one, only to reappear somewhere in the house the next day.

She also noticed that her munchkin cat, Batman, loved picking things up, like small pieces of clothing, only to leave them in a different part of the house.

Photo Credit: Instagram/batman_the_munchkin_cat

Curious to see if Batman was indeed the culprit, she set up hidden cameras all over the house to catch him in the act.

The footage proved her right.

Batman was indeed picking up the toys and leaving them wherever he can!

Christine soon learned that Batman was doing this on the reg — particularly when the door to her daughter’s room was left open.

Photo Credit: Instagram/batman_the_munchkin_cat

The family has since become used to Batman moving things around at night, so they just let him be.

His nightly routine continued until Christine’s daughter outgrew her fluffy toys. But the family decided to keep the toys so Batman can keep up his hobby.

Soon, Batman started grabbing the toys and leaving them for Christine to see in the morning.

Batman’s nightly habit has become a joy for the family to watch the next day.

Christine would often add different music backgrounds to the video before sharing it online.

Now, Batman has a new kitten sibling named Larry, and he seems to be following in his big brother’s footsteps!

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Source: Mirror

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