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City In Indiana Asks Residents To Go Out Of Their Houses At 7pm Daily And Wave To Their Neighbors, “Wave Fort Wayne”



  • Social distancing can be very lonely but it is important that people follow the safety precautions strictly.
  • That is why, the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, thought of a way to keep the neighborhood connected thus requested them to be out of their houses every 7p.m. at night to wave to their neighbors.
  • Many cities have also joined this very creative and touching movement.

Social distancing is currently being practiced seriously to prevent further spread of the COVID-19. But that won’t stop residents from Fort Wayne, Indiana from getting connected with each other and spreading love in these times of uncertainties.

On Thursday, the city asked people to step outside their homes every night at 7 p.m. to greet their neighbors by waving to each other. This will keep them in a spirit of friendship as they battle together against the isolation of social distancing.

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“‪Now is the time to look after one another, even from a safe distance,” The City of Fort Wayne wrote on their Facebook account along with a photo that says, “Wave Fort Wayne.”

Other cities have also started to join this nationwide movement according to CNN. Among them are Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Sandusky, Ohio.

As part of the government’s efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, people with non-essential jobs are advised to just stay at home and only go out to buy necessities.

On March 28, there were already 24 states in the country that declared stay at home order in their entire state. California did it first on March 19, followed by New York and Illinois the next day.

Moreover, many cities and counties have also followed suit—Denver, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami Beach.

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Meanwhile, children around the world are being creative in their ways to spread good vibes by posting their innocently hand-drawn rainbows on their windows in the intent to cheer up passersby.

Vicky Corbley from Manchester, England tweeted a photo of her little girl’s drawing with inspiring messages: “don’t worry,” “we’ll get through this,”  and “stay safe.”


Another one says: “Thank you to our delivery drivers and postmen.”

This has led to a rainbow scavenger hunt game for children living in places not under the Shelter in Place or Stay at Home order.

The outline is in Google Maps and is accessible by the participating homes in an area. Residents can even have their homes added to the map.

Source: PEOPLE