Cockatoo fumes after seeing broccoli in her food [Video]

  • A cockatoo’s mom tried to be sneaky by mixing broccoli into her food.
  • But when Penny the cockatoo saw the broccoli in her peas and corn, she fumed and walked out.
  • Penny was so mad that she called her human some choice expletives!

When it comes to vegetables, broccoli seems to be the most hated among kids, adults, and even pets. One cockatoo was so mad to see broccoli mixed in with her food, that she couldn’t help but walk out!

Cockatoo fumes after seeing broccoli in her food
Photo Credit: TikTok/pennythecockatoo

Penny theย cockatoo couldn’t believe her mom had the audacity to sneak some broccoli into her peas and corn.

Her tantrum was caught on video and shared on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 489,000 times.

Content warning: Penny was so angry she couldn’t help but curse!


Angry that I mixed ???? and in her peas & corn #funny #fyp

โ™ฌ original sound – Penny the Cockatoo

In the video, we can hear an exasperated Penny saying, “I give up!” before walking out of the camera’s view. She adds, “I don’t want that, it’s ridiculous!”

She then proceeds to call her human “dork” and “b*stard!” She was definitely mad!

When the camera turns to catch her in view again, we can see her shake her head, like she was disgusted with the whole ordeal.

She looked betrayed!

Cockatoo fumes after seeing broccoli in her food
Photo Credit: TikTok/pennythecockatoo

Viewers were delighted by Penny’s outburst and said her hysterics cheered them up.

Several others could relate. One comment read, “This is my spirit animal ????.” Another viewer wrote, “The audacity of humans.”

Penny’s reaction seems like how humans would react if we see someone putting an ingredient we don’t like into our favorite food — perhaps like the controversial pineapple on pizza? We probably won’t curse the server out of politeness, however, especially when we’re dining out.

And if we thought Penny’s mom had learned her lesson, she went ahead and tried to give Penny a taste of broccoli again:

You can see more of this sassy cockatoo on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful

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