Confused cat doesn’t recognize newly groomed dog sibling [Video]

  • Milly the cat and her dog sibling, Lupim, became the best of friends as they got to know each other.
  • Recently, Lupim’s fur has gotten too overgrown that he needed to go to the groomer to get a cleaner haircut.
  • Lupim looked quite fresh with his new ‘do that he looked like a different dog — and Milly didn’t even recognize him at first!

Meet siblings and best friends Milly and Lupim.

Photo Credit: Amanda Alckmim

Like most pets, Milly the cat and Lupim the dog weren’t instant friends. According to their mom, Amanda Alckmim, their relationship started off a bit rocky.

Eventually, they grew fond of each other and became the best of friends.

But another curveball was thrown into their friendship when Amanda decided that Lupim needed to be groomed. The pup’s curly coifs have become too overgrown that they cover up his face, so he needed a much cleaner haircut.

It significantly reduced his shagginess — he looks like a different dog!

Photo Credit: Amanda Alckmim

Milly obviously thought so, too. She had no idea that Lupim went to the groomer, after all.

So when Lupim returned home from the groomer looking like a totally different dog, Milly didn’t recognize him.

She was apparently convinced that her mom had brought home a new, different dog. It was like Lupim was a stranger to her!

Lupim was looking quite fresh and handsome with his new haircut, but the big reveal was soured by Milly’s icy reaction!

Amanda said that their return felt “super awkward.”

Thankfully, Milly didn’t take long to realize that the newly groomed dog was indeed her sibling and best friend, Lupim. Or maybe the new “imposter” dog was so like Lupim in personality that she didn’t mind the “switch-up” at all.

Photo Credit: Amanda Alckmim

Amanda shared, “Milly was shocked to see Lupim after the groomer. But they’re now friends again.”

Lupim is loving his new fresh look. And he’s also got his best friend back!

Source: The Dodo

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I just wish people would quit calling cats and dogs siblings simply because they grew up together. There is no need to distract from the beauty of cohabitating friends of different species by saying this, especially when doing so may mislead children.

Oh, please! Lighten up, already!