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Corgi Wakes Up And Rushes Over After A Grain Of Rice Hits His Food Bowl [Video]



  • Even just one grain dropping on his food bowl was enough to awaken Butters the Corgi from a deep sleep.
  • The adorable video posted on TikTok has earned 1.3 million views.
  • Butters’s owner has aptly captioned it “Food Is Life”.  

Talk about being food-motivated.  When the sound of food or even the crackling of a treat bag is heard, expect your pet to abandon everything, even sleep, just to get to the bowl, fast!

@yourbestiebutters Food is life 🤣🐾🐶 #corgisoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #funnydogs ♬ original sound – Butters the Corgi 🐾

Ever heard of Pavlov’s theory of conditioned response?  He conducted an experiment on dogs that when he rings a bell, the dogs would salivate and food would be provided.  The dogs have associated the ringing of the bell with giving food.

This time, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi was sleeping soundly when his owner dropped a single grain of rice in his food bowl.  The sound alerts the corgi awake and just like that, Butters sprints from his slumber to his bowl.

The TikTok video captioned “Food is life 🤣🐾🐶” posted last August 24 has already been viewed 1.3 million times!  Certainly, a lot of viewers can relate to the corgi’s response.  He is a perfect example of how food can be used to make them get up from a life of inactivity.  

Time and again, our pets have proven that they do perk up when there is food.  Even the mere mention of their favorite food can send them into a frenzy.

Now if you do not want them to know you have food, do not eat near them.  Their ears can hear food sounds even from a distance.  

Source: Daily Paws