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Dad Surprises Little Potterhead Girl With Her Own Portal To The World Of Magic! [Video]



  • A little potterhead girl from London just got the best birthday gift in her life last September! 
  • When the lockdowns started, her dad had free time to create an amazing gift for her little daughter. 
  • Then when her big day came, she discovered her dad built her a mini Diagon Alley behind the wardrobe!

Potterheads like us who grew up reading J.K. Rowling’s most lauded book series or watching the film adaptation “Harry Potter,” have always dreamed of entering the world of magic and studying in Hogwarts. But all this little girl from London had to do is get into her wardrobe and join the enchanting world of witchcraft and wizardry! 

Ella and her dad, Dylann, have just read the first book of Harry Potter and she instantly fell in love with it! Her ever-supportive dad was inspired to make her experience with magic beyond mudbloods. 

When the lockdowns started and Dylan had free time to spare, he planned the best surprise for Ella on her birthday.  Then on her big day in September, he revealed to her his masterpiece — the mundane portal to the world of witches and wizards. 

Photo Credit: Life in the lockdown (Youtube)

“So we played hide-and-seek when she got home from school. After a few goes, she decided to hide in the wardrobe which had a curtain behind it,” Dylan recalled. “She didn’t find it straightaway, but she also knew I had made something for her so her first words were, ‘I can see something in here,’ then silence as she walked in, and then, ‘Can we keep this here forever?!’”

Photo Credit: EllasDad2020 (Imgur)

Inside the wardrobe was a replica of the Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. It’s where the students of Hogwarts and other witches and wizards go on shopping for their needs — and Ella has one for her own! 

The shops and the streets were built with details on point. The Ollivander’s wand shop was there, the Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlor, and even the Eeylops Owl Emporium was also there! 

Photo Credit: EllasDad2020 (Imgur)

Dylan spent a whole month building and perfecting the details of the stores in the mini Diagon Alley behind the wardrobe. His wife also contributed to the effort of creating it, painting the signs, and putting up decorations in the mini shops. 

The attention to detail, as repeatedly said, was absolutely fantastic! It was meticulously done from the bookstore’s wallpaper to Ollivander’s drawers with iconic items. Ella even got a tiny reading area which she totally adores! 

Photo Credit: @ellasecretstreet (Instagram)

Then they spent the whole weekend hanging out in her own magic world! 

What a truly amazing gift! This makes each and every one of us muggle Potterheads a little green with envy. As for me, I’m thinking of starting to build my own Gryffindor House Dormitory. How about you? 

Source: Inspire More