Daughter Breaks Down When Reunited With Her Deployed Dad [Video]

  • After being deployed for six months to the Middle East, U.S. National Guard Technical Sergeant Doug Rallo was able to come home to his family in Michigan.
  • Doug’s 25-year-old daughter Brooke who shared a special bond with her dad was the happiest to see him.
  • Brooke fell down to her knees in happy tears when she saw her dad outside her bedroom door.

A military homecoming is always special… and emotional.

U.S. National Guard Technical Sergeant Doug Rallo had been deployed to the Middle East for six months. For his daughter Brooke Rallo, that seemed forever. Brooke is already 25 but she’s still his daddy’s girl. After all, she’s an only child.

After half a year of being away from his family, Doug finally returned to his Michigan home. And he made his homecoming a surprise — a special reunion that Brooke will never forget.

A father-daughter bond is something special. Much more if you’re an only child like Brooke. She was crushed when she found out that her dad had been deployed to the Middle East. But, of course, she understands that it’s his dad duty.

Soldier brings daughter to tears

Sometimes, you just need your dad. 🤗

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“I have a lot of respect for my dad,” Brooke told USA Today. “It means a lot that he, you know, gives up his life here at home and goes out there to the unknown and makes sure that he’s protecting our country.”

Doug decided to make his return a surprise so he told his family that he wouldn’t be returning for another two weeks. Brooke bought that.

“I was going through a lot … fighting with my roommate at school, you know, typical girl problems with boys, so I just was really an emotional wreck,” Brooke told the outlet.

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Brooke added that her emotions were through the roof when she hadn’t heard from Doug for the past 48 hours. Their constant contact was what “kept [her] sane” while he was in the Middle East. She kept reminding herself not to worry.

In the heartwarming clip of the father and daughter reunion, we see Doug open Brooke’s bedroom door and announce, “Hi, honey, surprise!” Brooke immediately falls to her knees in tears.

“I just jumped in his arms, I’m crying,” she said. “I’m not really even sure that it’s real at that point.”

Photo Credit: Brooklynn Haley

Doug also surprised three other important women in his life: his mom, his sister Jacki, and his wife Dawn.

“Obviously, they were tears of joy, so I didn’t get a kick out of her crying, but I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my baby,’” Doug said. “She’s my only daughter, my only child, so, you know, we grew up really close together.”

Photo Credit: Brooklynn Haley

Brooke couldn’t have been happier. Her dad is finally back home.

“We have fun, we joke with each other,” Brooke said. “He’s a good dad, but he’s also always been my best friend.”

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Brook, You are so lucky having your dad back. In 1993, I was 37, when my dad passed. Till the day he passed, I was his little girl. Yes I still miss him.

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