Dog freezes in shock after getting cone of shame [Video]

dog freezes in shock after getting cone of shame

  • The cone of shame usually strikes fear into the hearts of pets.
  • Mushu, an American bulldog, tried his best to get away, but ultimately had no choice.
  • He completely froze in place when the cone was put on him, and even refused to accept a treat!

A medical cone — more popularly known as the cone of shame — is usually put on pets to stop them from aggravating injuries. Most pets absolutely hate it, but it’s unfortunately necessary to protect them.

One American bulldog named Mushu tried his best to run away, but he ultimately had it placed on him.

As Mushu had no choice but to let the cone be placed around his head, his body immediately freezes in place.

With his body completely frozen and his eyes wide open, he seemed to be in a perpetual state of shock.

Photo Credit: TikTok/mushu0716

Mushu refused to move the entire time that the cone was placed and adjusted. As his owner tried to comfort him, he remained frozen in place, with wide eyes desperately searching for a reason to move on.

His owner even offered him a treat, but he completely refused it! The defiant pup has given his owner the cold shoulder.

Mushu was offered a treat twice, but he still ignored the peace offering and refused to move an inch.

Photo Credit: TikTok/mushu0716

Mushu’s reaction to the cone of shame amused millions of viewers. The video has since been viewed over 16 million times and liked over 2.6 million times.

One viewer observed, “The cone took away his ability to blink.” Another jokingly commented, “Legend has it he never moved from that spot ever again.” A third joked on Mushu’s appearance and wrote, “That’s one scared martini glass.”

According to the United Kennel Club , American bulldogs are known to be confident companions, who are also friendly and gentle. Well, as we have seen in this clip, Mushu’s confidence definitely took a hit.

Source: Mirror

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