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Dog Hilariously Defends Condo from Passing Boats



Quick Smiles:

  • Suki, a rescued stray dog, hilariously defends her condo from an unusual “intruder” – boats passing by in the water below her building.
  • Despite her high vantage point, Suki takes her job seriously, warning off the boats with her nearly silent barks, and then her real bark when they continue to approach.
  • The amusing video of Suki’s dedicated defense has garnered over 482,000 views and more than 65,000 likes on TikTok, with viewers praising her commitment to her job.

Dogs are known for their protective instincts, and Suki, a rescued stray, is no exception. However, her choice of “intruders” to ward off has left viewers chuckling. “She’s usually pretty tolerant of the boats, but once a week or so, she has to remind them they’re on her property,” owner Victoria Brambilla told Newsweek.

In a video taken on February 7, Suki is seen perched on her owner’s bed, vigilantly watching the water below her building. When boats begin to approach what Suki considers her territory, she takes action. From her elevated position, she starts with nearly silent barks, escalating to her full bark when the boats continue to approach.

Despite her efforts, Suki’s barks from inside the condo do not deter the boats. Unfazed, she moves to Plan B, standing guard on the balcony. One might expect Suki to grow accustomed to the boats sailing by, but she remains steadfast in her duty.

The video of Suki’s earnest defense has struck a chord with TikTok users. It has amassed over 482,000 views, more than 65,000 likes, and 103 comments as of Tuesday. The comments are filled with laughter and praise for Suki’s dedication to her job.

One user commented, “Did the boat get into your apartment? Looks to me like Suki is doing her job perfectly.” Another added, “She takes her job of alerting you of any danger very seriously.”


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Suki’s behavior, while amusing, is not unusual for a dog. According to PetMD, dogs often bark deeply and continuously, sometimes with an associated growl, when they are being defensive. This typically occurs in response to a specific trigger, such as a stranger approaching the home or another dog nearby.


However, Suki’s barks are not the typical defensive bark. They are smaller, quieter, but no less serious. It’s clear that Suki takes her job of protecting her condo very seriously, even if her “intruders” are just passing boats.