Dog Loves Snow So Much He Brings It Inside The House [Video]

  • Little Miso has always been fond of eating snowballs on their couch.
  • This time, he insists on taking it inside the house and his parents cannot do anything about it but give in.
  • Who could resist those puppy eyes and wagging tail while he carries the snowball that is almost as big or little as him?

Have you ever seen the photo of two dogs with a long stick safely tucked inside their mouths?  One is the branch manager and the other one is the assistant branch manager.  It made you smile, right?  There is something about the enthusiasm of the canines when they fetch sticks and excitedly bring them back to you.

Happiness just exudes from them.  And if you ever try to take it from them, you’ll be answered with a growl as they would not let go of the stick.

And when you tell them that they are not allowed to bring the stick inside, you will be looking at puppy eyes that beg for you to say yes.

It would take a lot of courage to tell them no but you do not have the heart to break theirs and so you allow them to let them in with the stick in their mouth.

This time, an adorable pup’s happiness at bringing in a snowball that is almost as big as him inside the house is making his parents just say yes. 

For little Miso, who eats snowballs, he is also announcing that winter is indeed coming and what better way to welcome it than to have it inside the house!

And just like his parents, viewer @zelllinkin commented: “I would never be able to say no,” and @nadinevet4 added, “He can eat his snowball anywhere! He’s so freaking cute and determined.”

Happy winter, Miso!

Source: Pet Helpful

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