Dog miraculously detects cancerous lump in owner’s chest

  • An 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrie detected a cancerous lump on her owner’s chest.
  • The dog alerted her owner of the lump by jumping up and down on her chest.
  • Doctors confirmed it was breast cancer.

A Yorkshire Terrier alerted her owner of a cancerous lump by bouncing up and down on her chest. It eventually saved her owner’s life. 

Bella Boo, an eleven-year-old dog, refused to sleep in her customary spot and insisted on lying on the chest of her owner Karena Kirk-Drain, despite her owner pushing her away.

Over the next three weeks, the dog’s strange behavior persisted, and she even began to cry. Karena was anxious about her dog’s health when she wouldn’t stop crying, but vets certified that she was fit and healthy.

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Karena described it as “a heart-breaking cry,” and knew her dog was trying to tell her something.

She kept licking and leaping on the 53-year-old woman’s chest.

Karena recounted:

“Bella started bouncing on me, and at one point I actually thought she’d bruised me, as I was very sore there. And I was feeling around, and I actually felt a lump, and I was thinking, ‘Is that a lump inside?’”

Doctors later confirmed that it was breast cancer.

The Blackpool, Lancashire woman then received life-saving therapy and believes the cancer would have been undetected if Bella-Boo hadn’t intervened.

She said she didn’t think dogs could detect cancer, but Bella proves otherwise.

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“I’m just so lucky to be here; little Bella-Boo saved my life. Bella always slept on the back of my legs, but she kept lying on my chest. Every time I took her off me, she’d crawl back on again.”

Karen’s cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, according to the doctor, and she believes this is why  Bella was becoming more determined.

The woman went on a round-the-world trip after the ordeal, realizing how fortunate she was to be diagnosed so early.

Bella began lying behind her legs again after the cancer was removed, according to Karen. She now advises pet owners to be aware of their pets’ unusual behavior in the future: 

“Maybe if people see their dog start acting strange, they’ll be able to think twice. People underestimate dogs and cats and all animals. But they are amazing creatures.”

Source: Good News Network

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