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Dog Refuses To Sleep And Waits Until His Mom Tucks Him Into His Favorite Blanket [Video]



  • Fusion knows a lot of tricks but he has learned something by himself that is quite adorable.
  • It started when a family member tucked him into his fuzzy blanket and since then he refuses to sleep without his mom doing the same.
  • While his sibling dogs are sleeping on their mom’s bed, Fusion prefers to sleep on his own.

Fusion is an intelligent border collie who knows a lot of tricks, but the cutest one he has learned to do is something he developed on his own.

His mom, Steffi Trott, works as a dog trainer and Fusion has been helping her for seven years now. “We spend all day, every day together,” Steffi told The Dodo, “either at work or relaxing, or playing frisbee or doing dog agility or learning tricks.”

Photo Credit: Steffi Trott

At night, his two other dog siblings love to sleep with their mom on her bed. But Fusion prefers to sleep on his own after a member of the family tucks him into his favorite fuzzy blanket.

“Originally, my 10-year-old son insisted on tucking Fusion in,” Steffi said. “I think Fusion took a liking to it. Now it is a solid part of our evening routine.”

Video Credit: Steffi Trott

Whenever it is already bedtime, the two dogs would jump onto their mom’s bed while Fusion would be standing by the side of his own bed waiting for his mom to tuck him in.

This has become a very important nightly routine for Fusion and he refuses to sleep until it’s done properly.

Photo Credit: Steffi Trott

“The other night one of the other dogs actually went and laid down on his bed,” Steffi said. “He stood next to my bed looking at me until I got up and got him another dog bed from downstairs.”

Well, Fusion is so lucky to have his mom ready to tuck him into bed whenever he needs her.

Source: The Dodo