Dog Show Win Paves Way for Lost Beagle To Reunite With Owners

  • Bonnie manages to escape from their home and ends up roaming the streets.
  • Fortunately, John Wilmer finds her, posts on Facebook about the lost dog, and locates her owner.
  • Before the reunion with her mom, Bonnie wins third place for rescued dogs in a dog show.

A charming beagle named Bonnie was rescued from the streets of Crete, Greece.

Paula Closier adopted the pup where she was showered with love by her family.  One day, she went missing and Paula almost gave up hope of ever finding her.

Paula said, “[She’s] a free spirit. She’s lovely, never negative, tail always wagging.” She was thinking that this spirit would help Bonnie find her way home.

Photo Credit: Paula Closier

True enough, while Bonnie was roaming the streets, she came upon a man named John Wilmer. He noticed Bonnie was on the street alone. Since he takes his own dogs to local shows, he thought of bringing Bonnie along.

The sweet dog did not hesitate and went with John.

Upon reaching his home, John posted about the lost dog that he brought home.  Paula immediately responded that the dog was hers.

John, who was already sure that Bonnie would be home soon, decided on giving her a day out and let her join a dog show.  Because of her innate charm, Bonnie won third in the rescue category!

Paula was not expecting that when she reunited with Bonnie that the pup would have a ribbon on her neck.

And since they found out that Bonnie enjoys joining dog shows, they are going for the gold next.

Welcome home, Bonnie!

Source: The Dodo

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