Dog steals show during ceremony, leaving graduates bursting into laughter

  • Charlie’s owner, Logan Branch, graduated last week.
  • Branch lives near their school, so Charlie often strolls to the school on his own.
  • During the graduation ceremony, Charlie decided to steal the show. 

This senior class of Horseshoe Bend School in Alabama graduated last week. However, for a few amusing seconds, the students were overshadowed by someone else.

Charlie was that someone else.

Charlie is a puppy owned by Logan Branch, a recent graduate who lives nearby. During the school year, Charlie would frequently stroll over to the school on his own to chat with students during their lunch periods. He quickly won the hearts of all the children.

The Dodo

According to Branch, everyone at the school knows Charlie is his dog.

Charlie, though, apparently wanted to make his mark in a different way as the school year came to a close.

Charlie decided to make an unannounced appearance in the middle of Branch and his peers’ graduation ceremony.

The Dodo

“Nobody had any clue at all that he would be there,” said Branch. “He came inside the gate and just surprised all of us.”

The arrival of the puppy, however, was not the only surprise. Charlie went up to truly steal the show, peeing on a decorative plant. And that’s when everyone lost it.

Charlie’s owner, though, may have been ashamed as well. 

The Dodo

Of course, the ceremony continued, but no one could really beat Charlie’s big moment.

“He definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night,” admits Branch. “Charlie definitely loved it.”

Branch and the other graduates will be moving on to the next phase of their lives, but because his sister still attends the school, Charlie is likely to remain a fixture on campus. After all, he did technically establish a foundation there, according to dog logic.

The adorable puppy would never have it any other way. 

“He just loves attention and being around people,” said Branch.

Source: The Dodo

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These photos of the fur babies are so precious, best part of my day in this crazy world. Thank you so very much.

Love animals and especially the ones that are caught on camera. They are here to love us and make us laugh.

I love your pics of these lovely animals. They put a smile on my face every day! I look forward to seeing your mail! thank you so much. God Bless. Keep’em coming.