Dogs lead dad to abandoned kitten and insist on taking her home

  • Two dogs were out for a walk with their dad when they heard a meow not far away.
  • The dogs were able to find the little kitten lying in the middle of the road. 
  • They consoled the scared kitten and started licking her.

Zach Hearn felt he already had a complete family, but Tang and Cream, his two dogs, had other ideas.

Earlier this month, the pups were out for a walk when they came across a small animal calling for help, and they ran to its aid.

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According to Hearn, the two dogs came to a halt and appeared puzzled before running to investigate the meow they heard coming from a short distance away.

Hearn couldn’t see what was making the noise, but the two dogs did find a tiny kitten, about 3 to 4 weeks old,  laying in the center of the street.

The Dodo

The small kitten was filthy and underweight, and there was no sign of its mother. Hearn was scared that his golden retriever and King Charles cavalier would chase the cat, but the pups were perfectly capable of handling the situation.

Hearn was astounded when both dogs began to console the terrified small kitten.

“Tang started whimpering and laid down next to her,” Hearn said. “Cream started licking her and cleaning her.”

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Hearn realized he couldn’t abandon the kitten on the road, so he took her home, where he and his girlfriend gave her a wash and a warm place to sleep. The kitten had clearly been surviving alone for some time, but she quickly regained her strength.

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“We decided to name the kitten 头奖 (Tou Jiang), meaning jackpot,” Hearn said. “At first, she didn’t have much energy and she slept a lot. But after she was fed on a regular basis and had a warm place to sleep, she livened up.”

The dogs fell in love with Tou Jiang the instant they laid eyes on her. The dogs are always by her side and always provided her with anything she requires, be it comfort, cuddles, a tongue bath, or playtime.

Source: The Dodo

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