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Dogs make huge mess, then innocently nap in it [Video]



  • Hazel suddenly got curious about what was inside their family’s giant beanbag chair.
  • When she started tearing it apart, little Jazmine joined in, until all its fluffy contents were taken out.
  • They then napped in the middle of their mess, trying their best to act innocently.

Meet Jazmine, a very curious puppy who likes playing, cuddling, and spending time with her family. Despite the occasional stealing of shoes, she has never been into mischief or destruction. This is why her mom, Katie Robinson, was surprised to see her involved in a huge mess.

Photo Credit: Katie Robinson

When Katie headed upstairs to fold some laundry, Jazmine and her sister, Hazel, were left downstairs in a peaceful slumber. When she returned downstairs around 45 minutes later, she was met with the biggest mess she has ever seen: “a beanbag chair massacre.”

Hazel was apparently curious about what was inside of the giant beanbag chair, so she started tearing out its contents. Jazmine, who had never exhibited any kind of destructive behavior before, couldn’t help but join in. They ended up taking out all the fluff from the beanbag!

Every bit of fluff was flung about the room, and when Katie found them, they were innocently napping in the middle of their huge mess.

“I snuck up on the sleeping pups and when I got near Jazmine, I said, ‘What did you do?!’ And that’s when she looks up at the camera with those sweet, innocent puppy eyes and laid her head back down.” She looked exhausted! Meanwhile, Hazel “knew she was busted and walked away with her head down.”

Kaite couldn’t even get mad, but she was definitely shocked at how much mess the two small dogs were able to do in a short amount of time.

She can’t help but laugh when she spotted the pups in the middle of all the fluff, innocently sleeping as if nothing had happened.

Photo Credit: Katie Robinson

Fortunately, the mess was easy to clean up. The two pups didn’t damage the beanbag chair itself, so their family just needed to shove all the fluff back inside.

Jazmine was probably sad to see her fluffy wonderland disappear back into the beanbag.

Just when her family thought that Jazmine didn’t have any destructive bone in her, the puppy ended up being influenced by her mischievous sister Hazel!


Source: The Dodo