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Eager To Knit, Woman Without Grandkids Makes Sweater For Their Cat Instead



  • Their mother wants grandchildren now, but Georgia and her siblings have no intention of having kids any time soon.
  • The mom wants to make use of her knitting for her grandkids, but since none of her children are expecting, she makes a sweater for their kitten.
  • Now, Tank the cat has this big sweater with a T on it.

Georgia Dyson added Tank to their household 3 months back. The kitten is still learning about the world around him, exploring new things for the first time. This includes his first sweater.

The Dodo | Georgia Dyson

“He’s very cheeky and loves to play, but is also super affectionate,” she said. “He’s almost even like a dog — he’ll run up to us when we get home, cuddle us constantly and give us kisses! He also loves being held like a baby.” 

Georgia and her siblings made no plans on having kids any time soon. Displeased, her mother tells them again and again about how many children she already had at their age. It is obvious that she wants grandchildren already. No one is planning to give her a grandkid at this time, that leaves her with Tank. 

The Dodo | Georgia Dyson

“She’s always telling us that she would love grandchildren and has always loved to knit,” Georgia said. “She tells us how much she would love to knit clothes for her future grandkids.” 

From the looks of things, her mom could not wait to put her knitting to good use. She wanted to make all kinds of sweaters for her grandchildren but since none of her children are expecting she would just have to make do with who is available. She puts her eyes on Tank instead.

The Dodo | Georgia Dyson

That is the story of how the cat got his sweater with a big T on it. Georgia was excited to see how the sweater would look on the cat, so he made him try it on right away. 

The Dodo | Georgia Dyson

“The sweater is still too big for him so he just slips out of it and isn’t a huge fan at the moment but we are working on it,” Georgia said. “I thought it was hilarious she knitted him one and I love it!” 

The Dodo | Georgia Dyson

There may come a time when her mom could knit things for her grandkids, but until that day comes, the cat could probably use some more sweaters. Besides, he just looks too adorable in them!

Source: The Dodo