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Embrace the Paws-in Challenge: A Fun Trend Sweeping Pet Owners



Quick Smiles:

  • The latest sensation trending across social media is the adorable “paws in” challenge, captivating pet owners and pet pals alike.
  • This enchanting activity involves pet owners intertwining their hands and anticipating their pet’s paw to join the mix.
  • Experience the delight of witnessing fellow pet owners try this challenge with their pets, some of which have gathered millions of views on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The internet is currently being swept up by the irresistibly sweet “paws in” challenge. It’s blossomed into a favored activity among dog owners, their friends, and of course, their playful pooches.

This charming task merely necessitates at least two people to interlace their fingers and then patiently wait for their pet to place their paw on top.

While dogs might be the main participants, cats aren’t missing out on the fun. Many cat owners have recorded their attempts at this novel trick, thereby adding more joy to our online feeds.

One pet owner from Edmond, Oklahoma, Suzy McCracken, decided to accept the challenge with her four dogs after witnessing a friend give it a try. She had to fast-track the video before posting her attempt on Instagram as it took her dogs a while to understand what was expected of them.

Three out of the four McCracken dogs eventually mastered it; however, her dog Groot did not quite catch on, despite being incredibly smart and knowing a variety of tricks. McCracken expressed her surprise and slight disappointment, saying, “Groot, I thought he’d get it. He’s insanely smart and talented and knows tons of tricks but was just clueless and preferred giving kisses.”

A popular strategy used by pet owners is the use of treats to coax their pets to participate. This was demonstrated by an Instagram user called @huesolstice who posted a video of her 7-month-old Havanese puppy, JoJo, taking to the task with enthusiasm after just a few attempts.


She shared that her kids were thrilled, and JoJo was eager to participate. “To our surprise, it took us only two attempts to capture the perfect video. JoJo’s quick understanding and enthusiasm for the task left us pleasantly surprised.”

Many pets have put their own delightful spin on the task. For instance, a video of a dog placing his paw on his owner’s arm instead of their hand drew hilarious comments like “he’s not a trend follower!!”

A standout participant was Thelma, a French bulldog from Cincinnati, Ohio, who aced the challenge on her first try. Her owner, Emily Kelsch, said, “I just love that she knew exactly what to do.” The video quickly gained attention, amassing over 6,500 views in less than six hours.

The “paws in” challenge is not limited to any particular breed, size, or age of a pet. It’s entertaining to see the range of reactions from different pets, some completing the task, others walking away, and some just sitting with a puzzled look. While not all pets master the trick, the challenge continues to spread joy among pet owners.

One hilarious moment was caught by a TikTok user, @carolinescali, where her dog, Stella, shunned her male owner’s involvement in the challenge. The video, which gained over 4 million likes, hilariously shows Stella nudging the man’s hand away before placing her paw on top of the woman’s hands, with the caption, “Stella said, ‘Girls only, Dad,’ to the paws-in trend.”

This charming game has certainly garnered attention, illuminating our days with delightful videos of our furry companions.