Family Cat Decides to Join Her Family On A Trip Without Their Knowledge

  • While on a their way to Airventure, the Scholten family discovered their cat Delilah in their camper during a stopover.
  • Since Delilah was a stowaway, they had to buy her food, litter, and collar and were forced to bring her to the airshow.
  • The daily Facebook updates on Delilah鈥檚 adventures became popular and have gained a following.聽

While on their way to the EAA Airventure 2022 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Scholten family was surprised to find that their family cat managed to sneak into their camper.

Had they not stopped after driving 900 miles away from their home in St. Albans, Maine and popped up the camper, they would not have known Delilah was with them the whole time.

Photo Credit: Ludemeula Fernandes (Unsplash)

And since the family cat was not supposed to be there, she had no food and belongings.  The family had to purchase a collar, litter and food at a Target store.

And since she was already equipped for the trip, Andrea Scholten then documented the cat鈥檚 journey on Facebook, particularly to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 – Pictures and Video! group.  She even had the hashtag #stowawayoshkoshcat.

Photo Credit: Andrea Scholten

One of the first posts read: “The plan so far is to see how she does as a camper cat, if she doesn’t do well we’ll have to find a kennel.”

From there, the following posts gained a following which demanded more Delilah updates. A skywriter even drew a cat in the sky which made the updates even more popular. One post showed Delilah watching the airshow and was captioned, “Just in case anyone doubts us when we say she watches the airshow!”

Delilah is now an internet sensation! To which we can only guess the cat鈥檚 reasons:聽 1) the cat listened in on the family鈥檚 plans and decided to join them as she did not want to be left alone. 2) she really wanted to see the airshow.聽

Whatever her reasons were, the stowaway cat sure did get to be with her family and be a reluctant but shining star.

Her family will be intentionally bringing her to the next event.

Source: People

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