Family Supports 6-year-old’s Transition To Being A Transgender By Having a Gender Reveal Photoshoot

  • The Hindsleys celebrated their daughter’s gender reveal through a photoshoot.
  • Ella is a 6-year-old transgender and whose previous name was Easton before the transition happened.
  • Her parents were very supportive of her and she absolutely loved the photoshoot. 

While it was hard for Julie Hindsley to let go of her son, Easton, she was really happy for her daughter, Ella, to finally come out to light. 

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Ella is the 6-year-old transgender daughter of the Hindsleys from Waco, Texas. “I wanted to have this photo shoot and remember this moment since it was so huge for Ella,” Julie said. “Once we did the social transition and everyone close to us got on board with the new name and pronouns, it was like we had a brand new kid. It was like Easton was just gone, and there she was in all her glory; like she was supposed to be Ella her whole life and we had gotten it so wrong before.”

Photo credit: Popsugar

Julie detailed how Ella enjoyed the photoshoot and although she obviously loved the photos, she was still unable to grasp how big of a deal that milestone in her life was. 

“She was already living as her true self in front of all of our closest friends and family for a few months,” Julie said.

Still, there were parts of the transformation that were hard for them as parents. Something that most people may have only little idea about. They also grieved at some point and they wanted to show that in the photoshoot, so they posed with Easton’s photos there were tears in Julie’s eyes. 

Then they kept the mood light when it was Ella’s turn. The photoshoot went on with a celebratory spirit of Ella’s coming out and she just loved being in front of the camera.

The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive but for those who gave their nasty comments especially on Ella’s age, Julie replied: “she is most definitely not too young, and most kids know by age 3-4 which gender they are going to identify as.”

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Julie hopes their photos will reach other families going through the same and they may get inspired by them. She believes that celebrating life with her that way would make her understand more that there is nothing wrong with her being a transgender.

Source: Good Morning America

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So-o-o-o-o Just what is going to happen when ‘Ella’s’ voice deepens and she starts needing to shave? Someone has encouraged this ‘transition ‘…. a child of six doesn’t even think of such a thing. That child may enjoy playing with things that are thought (by adults) to be toys of the opposite gender, but children just don’t think that way. I know…. when I was a child (female) I enjoyed playing what were considered ‘boys things’, but I always knew I was a girl, and when I reached puberty I suddenly blossomed as my true self — a really ‘girly’ girl! As proof of that I have given birth to two wonderful children. LEAVE THOSE CHILDREN ALONE with their birth identity. You are messing up their entire life!


This is so wrong on so many levels . He have to marry a gay guy . No straight guy will want him when he gets older . And gay guys want men not boys looking like a girl . He can’t have kids . HE’S NOT A GIRL . this boy is already so screwed up in his mind cause they let he thing he’s what ever he wants to be . They say you don’t understand them …. well hell they don’t understand themself’s . If they did they won’t want to be a different gender. If your gay … then so be it . But don’t expect me to think like you do . Specialy with kids as young as this boy . They don’t know the pain they will go through growing up thinking like this when no one trys to understand them . And kids can be brutal to other kids , special these kids . Good luck with this … your going to need it


So this is what you people consider “good news”? You are as sick as the parents of this child who celebrate this perversity.
You are all sick puppies.


You all really should start worrying more about what’s going to happen to your country instead of worrying about a little boy/girl with gender problems. If “they” get their way, you won’t have to worry about anyone’s gender…”they’ll” treat everyone the same…and you can imagine how that will be. Stop concentrating on a subject with so much controversy and start paying close attention to YOUR freedom before it’s too late!


“It was like he was supposed to be Ella all along and we had gotten it so wrong before.” I’ve got news for you. God doesn’t get things wrong.


These parents are so deceived. Satan is good at doing that, tries to make you think you are doing the right thing. These parents need to be tough and set things in motion to honor his masculinity. It is very wishy-washy just to say, he knew that he wanted to be a girl, so therefore we will allow it. It is a disservice to the child, a violation of God’s laws, and ultimately this child will suffer when puberty comes. You cannot pretend for much longer, it is only going to become more complicated. This child needs counseling along with the family. Transgender only exists because humans let it. God did not state that we had a choice over our sex when we were born. He created them male and female.


I hope you’re just letting HIM play dress-up for a while! HE’S far too young to even start to make a decision like that! Why would you encourage it? Did HE hold HIS breath til HE turned blue, so you gave in? Sounds like you pushed it on HIM to me!

This is wrong. This kid was born a boy, So he will forever be a boy. God does not make mistakes. Why are his parents letting him get away with this. What will happen when his boy parts start growing, and grows face and chest hair. Dont the parents care, that he will be made fun of in school, and be bullyed. This family needs help. And pray to God for help.