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Family Supports 6-year-old’s Transition To Being A Transgender By Having a Gender Reveal Photoshoot



  • The Hindsleys celebrated their daughter’s gender reveal through a photoshoot.
  • Ella is a 6-year-old transgender and whose previous name was Easton before the transition happened.
  • Her parents were very supportive of her and she absolutely loved the photoshoot. 

While it was hard for Julie Hindsley to let go of her son, Easton, she was really happy for her daughter, Ella, to finally come out to light. 

Photo credit: Popsugar

Ella is the 6-year-old transgender daughter of the Hindsleys from Waco, Texas. “I wanted to have this photo shoot and remember this moment since it was so huge for Ella,” Julie said. “Once we did the social transition and everyone close to us got on board with the new name and pronouns, it was like we had a brand new kid. It was like Easton was just gone, and there she was in all her glory; like she was supposed to be Ella her whole life and we had gotten it so wrong before.”

Photo credit: Popsugar

Julie detailed how Ella enjoyed the photoshoot and although she obviously loved the photos, she was still unable to grasp how big of a deal that milestone in her life was. 

“She was already living as her true self in front of all of our closest friends and family for a few months,” Julie said.

Still, there were parts of the transformation that were hard for them as parents. Something that most people may have only little idea about. They also grieved at some point and they wanted to show that in the photoshoot, so they posed with Easton’s photos there were tears in Julie’s eyes. 

Then they kept the mood light when it was Ella’s turn. The photoshoot went on with a celebratory spirit of Ella’s coming out and she just loved being in front of the camera.

The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive but for those who gave their nasty comments especially on Ella’s age, Julie replied: “she is most definitely not too young, and most kids know by age 3-4 which gender they are going to identify as.”

Photo credit: Popsugar

Julie hopes their photos will reach other families going through the same and they may get inspired by them. She believes that celebrating life with her that way would make her understand more that there is nothing wrong with her being a transgender.

Source: Good Morning America