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Father and Son’s Bond Grew Stronger After Graduating Together from Law Enforcement Academy



  • Winston and Christian Edmonson are the first father and son duo to graduate from the law enforcement academy together.
  • Their batchmate, William Shaw, is the first 61-year-old to graduate from the academy.
  • Christian Edmonson and William Shaw have already been sworn-into different police departments while Winston Edmonson is still considering offers.

Being first will certainly leave a mark.  For the Edmonson’s— Winston and Christian, its being the first father and son to graduate together at the Tarrant County College’s Law Enforcement Academy.  For William Shaw, it is for completing the academy at 61 years-old.

It took a long time coming for Winston to become a police officer. “I had been thinking about getting into law enforcement and I had been encouraging both my sons to get into law enforcement,” as he hoped that it would become a family tradition.

Damon Ing, a member of the Tarrant Law Enforcement Academy said, “As we all know, police officers are entering a very turbulent time in our society and it was very refreshing that a father and son duo wanted to actually come.”

As for Christian Edmonson, Winston’s son, “My dad and I are really competitive. This academy was good for both of us, I think, because it kinda gave us a bond.”  And they really pushed each other to be better at the academy.

Winston added: “There were a few times I got the better of him. Not often, but hey!”

When they graduated, the duo has gone their separate ways as Winston is still considering offers while Christian has just been officially sworn-in into the Flower Mound Police Department.

Photo Credit: CBS News

William Shaw on the other hand, is the first to complete the course at the police academy at the age of 61 years old.

After graduation, he has been sworn into the Grapevine Police Department.  When asked about his accomplishment, he said, “It doesn’t matter the age. If you can push yourself and persevere, you’ll get there.”

The Grapeline Police Department congratulated Shaw on Tweeter by posting two photos of Shaw at his swearing-in ceremony with his badge, they wrote: “Please join us in congratulating our newest Officer William Shaw. He was sworn in this morning, just before graduating from the police academy. Welcome to our family!” 

Photo Credit: CBS News

Congratulations, Officers Winston Edmonson, Christian Edmonson and William Shaw!

Source: PEOPLE