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FedEx Driver Gifted A Family Something They Never Expected — A Brand New Basketball Hoop For Their Kids!



  • Coledo and Dan pulled over their driveway and saw something that shocked them. 
  • It was a basketball hoop that was all brand new! — and a brand new ball too! 
  • She soon found out it was a gift from their regular FedEx driver for their kids and their friends.

A family from Dayton, Ohio, is celebrating Christmas early after a FedEx driver shared with them a holiday cheer they did not expect. 

Earlier this month, couple Dan and Coledo Wheeler, was surprised to see an unexpected gift for their boys as soon as they pulled into their driveway from work. 

Photo Credit: Coledo Cleo Wheeler

It was a basketball hoop that was undeniably brand new! Coledo was so confused! She knew her son, Elijah, loves playing basketball in the yard, but who would have installed the hoop there?

She checked the front porch and she found the instructional material and the basketball! She was even more curious then as to who gifted it to her kids. 

Photo Credit: Coledo Cleo Wheeler

“I came in, I sat down, and started to read the two letters attached,” Coledo said in a post on Facebook. “I instantly started crying. Come to find out, a random act of kindness had happened at our home.”

As it turned out, the sweet gift came from Aubrey — their regular FedEx driver! And that “random act of kindness” came as an initiative after Aubrey saw Elijah mowed the lawn and played basketball with friends. She even brought sandbags to keep the basketball hoop stand weighed down. 

Photo Credit: Coledo Cleo Wheeler

“Just wanted you and your son to have the best hoop that will grow with him and all his friends,” Aubrey said in her notes that accompanied the ball. “It’s wonderful that you shoot hoops with him.”

As soon as Elijah got home, he cried too! He was so happy and he knew who to thank it for. He and his brother, Zackary, excitedly tried out their gift, along with Dan. Coledo on the other hand was just so grateful to the kind driver for the random gift. 

Photo Credit: Coledo Cleo Wheeler

“Thank you, Aubrey. You made his day,” she said. “Can’t wait to see you come through, I owe you a world of thanks.”

Talking about going the extra mile, we need more of Aubrey in customer service industries! We certainly do!

Source: Inspire More