Flea-infested scraggly kitten transforms into a beautiful feline

  • Lulu almost faced death with her frail body infested with fleas and ticks.
  • With high spirits, Lulu’s health slowly improved when she was brought to animal care.
  • Lulu, who is now named Ciri, has fully recovered and transformed into a gorgeous furball. She has also found her forever home!

Not all abused, neglected or sick animals who have been rescued would survive, but this tiny cat, almost lifeless, has made it through.

Despite dubious that the kitten would survive, a veterinary nurse still took her chance and brought a tiny kitten to the Best Friends Feline animal rescue in Queensland, Australia.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Felines/Facebook

All of the kitten’s siblings had already passed away, so she was initially brought to the vet’s clinic to be euthanized. The kitten was so scraggly, and malnutrition caused her organs to start shutting down. But instead of putting the kitty down — whom they named Lulu — the team started treating her.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Felines/Facebook

“Lulu was riddled with fleas, loaded with hookworm, totally emaciated, and mostly bald as the babies were so hungry [that] they ate each other’s fur to try and get some nutrition and sustenance into them,” a shelter volunteer explained.

The hope the team had on her was not put to waste. With high spirits, Lulu slowly showed progress and her condition gradually improved.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Felines/Facebook

“Lulu was one of those kittens that captured your heart instantly, not just because of her condition, but because she has the biggest personality, boldly confident and super outgoing,” her rescuers explained.

Little by little, Lulu started gaining weight, leaving her 0.5-pound frame. She had the opportunity be her bubbly self and was never afraid to show it to anyone.

“She was never ashamed to yell for your attention and demand cuddles!” her rescuers added. “She adored everyone she met, from humans to other cats and dogs.”

Photo Credit: Best Friends Felines/Facebook

Eventually, Lulu has fully recovered and has been moved to a foster home, where she met another orphaned kitten, Peach. With all the tender loving care she’s received, Lulu transformed into a gorgeous hairy calico and has now been adopted by a man named Reece.

Besides having her new looks and owner, Lulu has a new name: Ciri.

What a fighting spirit you’ve got there, little Ciri!

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