Funny Golden Retriever Gets Excited When He Hears The Word ‘Murder’ [Video]

  • Mav the Golden Retriever gets excited when he hears his favorite word — “murder”.
  • His owner, Mel Williams, avoided using the word “water” as he goes into a frenzy but did not expect that “murder”, sounding like “water”, would have the same effect.
  • Mav’s TikTok videos showing his unusual reaction to the word “murder” has made him a star.

Weird but true.  Mav perks his ears and gets excited when he hears the word ‘murder”.

Unusual word to be associated with Golden Retrievers, as they are known for their happy smiles and excitable behavior.  But it is just the word.  He does not know the other meaning of it.

What could be the reason behind it?

Mel Williams, Mav’s owner, clues us in.  Just like his breed, Mav loves the water.  Sprinklers, fountains and swimming drive him crazy.  But in order not to freak Mav out every time she says water, she avoided using the word.

But one day, while Mel was talking with her niece about her favorite podcast, Mav heard the word “murder” and started getting excited.  They were sure it was that word that triggered the excitement as he certainly did not react to “podcast” and “mystery”.

Williams’ theory is that murder sounds like water.  It’s the ending of ‘er’ ‘ that does it for Mav. 

Williams said, “It doesn’t matter the tone of voice I use—I can say it as blandly as possible and he’ll still get excited and sprint off”.

Mav’s TikTok videos on how he gets into a frenzy when he hears “murder” has made him a star in the platform.

Don’t get Mav wrong.  He still gets excited over “walk” or “park”. His favorite trigger may be “murder”, but he’s certainly not a trigger man or a serial killer.

Source: Daily Paws

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