Generous Cat Brings Mom Gifts “Stolen” From Neighbors [Video]

Generous Cat Brings Mom Gifts “Stolen” From Neighbors

  • China is an adopted cat who is bent on giving her mom gifts, be it from their backyard, roommate, or neighbors.
  • She started with live creatures and now she brings various items like socks, matches, and cigarettes.
  • Her mom has set up a “return box” for the items that she has stolen on her neighbor’s property.

China the cat started her “gift-giving” with “live” creatures that she snuck in with her mouth. To discourage her from doing so, Mónica Vicéns closed all the windows and doors of her house to keep her adopted cat from going out into their large backyard.

But China was determined to “get up every morning as if it was her job to go out there and provide for the family,” Mónica told The Dodo.

So, China turned to giving her mom gifts from inside the house, like socks from her roommate. At first, they thought it was her roommate’s dog that was pilfering the items, but then they caught China in the act. 


Mónica said, “She was making some weird meows so we slowly peeked around the corner and saw her dropping the sock by my door. It was the funniest thing we had seen!”

Eventually, China found her way outside but did not go back to sneaking in live creatures. This time, it was objects like cigarettes and matches, which Mónica said were burglarized from her neighbor’s yard.

Photo Credit: Mónica Vicéns

“I would put everything back in their yard as soon as she dropped it and she would bring them back immediately, like, ‘Hey! I thought I gave you this!’ So, I had to wait until the end of the day to return all the items,” she shared.

It became a routine for China to run to her favorite patch of dirt and roll around before setting off to burglarize the streets. “She’ll come back with something, drop it at my door, sit, and yell for me,” Mónica said.

Nobody believed her until she set up a camera outside the door which caught the sneaky China in action. She posted the videos on Instagram and TikTok.


Mónica was afraid that China’s thieving would upset her neighbors.

Mónica said, “I couldn’t keep covering for her so I came clean. I left the neighbors a bag with their items and a note explaining what was going on.”

But the neighbors had no problem with China the burglar. Her mom had even set up a “return box” on their neighbors’ property where the missing items were kept.

But Mónica wouldn’t have China any other way as she makes her laugh every day: “[She] loves to roll around in dirt, hunt, steal, knock things off tables, and annoy me as much as possible and I love her to death.”


You can follow China on her Instagram.


Source: The Dodo

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