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Hockey Team Carries Adorable Adoptable Puppies for Canine Night [Video]



  • Players of the NHL’s Washington Capitals arrived at the Capital One Arena with an adorable adoptable puppy in their arms.
  • It was for their Canine Night, an event sponsored by the Pedigree Foundation.
  • The Caps’ team puppy, Biscuit, made sure to keep everything running smoothly.

It was Canine Night at Capital One Arena late last month, and the NHL’s Washington Capitals celebrated it by having players carry adorable adoptable puppies as they arrived at the arena.

The Capitals were about to play against the Las Vegas Golden Knights, but the cute puppies became the highlight of the night.

The Pedigree Foundation sponsored the event, while each puppy is available for adoption through Wolf Trap Animal Rescue.

Take a look at the Caps slowly walking down the hallway, each carrying an incredibly cute puppy. By the end of their walk, the players place the furballs into a comfy bedding area decorated with Capitals merchandise.

The Caps’ team puppy, Biscuit, starred in a big role for Canine Night. The pup made sure to oversee things and make sure everything was going well.

Consider it part of his training to become a veteran’s service dog.

Photo Credit: Twitter/CapsPup

The busy pup started his shift by making sure that the team store was doing well.

He then manned the arena organ to play “the latest hits” for everyone.


Biscuit even got to decide who gets on the Jumbotron!

He also made sure everything was running smoothly in the control room.

The game ended with the Capitals losing 0-1 to the Golden Knights, but it was a fun night for everyone.

Biscuit did an amazing job!

Photo Credit: Twitter/CapsPup

If you live in the D.C. area and are interested in adopting, you can check out Wolf Trap Animal Rescue for more information.

Source: Daily Paws