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Hysterical Goldendoodle Hijacks Proposal Believing It’s All Hers



Quick Smiles:

  • An amusing moment occurs as one dog assumes her owner’s park proposal is all about her.
  • The scene, posted on TikToker @intuitive.wellness_’s account, has audiences laughing out loud.
  • Many suggest that this playful goldendoodle surely merits a role in the forthcoming wedding.

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In many romantic tales, a proposal is a unique and beautiful moment shared by couples. Yet, in this humorous twist, one adorable goldendoodle found itself at the center of her owner’s engagement.

The video, uploaded by TikToker @intuitive.wellness_, captures the moment her partner proposed in a traditional park setting. But the couple weren’t the only ones buzzing with excitement. Their fluffy goldendoodle was convinced the special moment was all about her!

“With gleaming eyes,” she sat down right between the couple, as if expecting the proposal. The amusing video title read, “POV: My dog thinks she’s getting proposed to.”

The comical event, attracting an impressive 540,000 viewers, had many chuckling at the goldendoodle’s bold spotlight grab.


Highlighting this breed’s natural comedic inclinations, one audience member noted, “It’s the way the doodle just sat there like ‘mom he’s proposing to me….’” Jay humorously accused @intuitive.wellness_ of stealing her dog’s moment.

Jumping on the joke train, Camcamok described the situation as, “This is the doodlest of doodle things to do.”

After watching this humorous video, suggestions began to flow about the dog’s possible part in the upcoming wedding. Sunshinedaygal chimed in, “I hope she at least gets to be a bridesmaid after this disappointment.”

It’s unsurprising that the goldendoodle was caught up in the proposal excitement. A 2017 study from Austria revealed that dogs tend to mimic their owners’ emotions and behaviors.

The research involved over 100 canine-human pairs, suggesting that dogs, like this hilarious goldendoodle, mirror their owner’s feelings and actions.


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