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Italian Greyhound is London Underground’s one-dog-cheering squad [Video]



  • An Italian Greyhound takes train rides with his mom on the London Underground and makes friends with other commuters.
  • Cosmo jumps on people’s laps and showers love and care for those who give him pets.
  • Cosmo is now the London Underground’s Therapy Dog, for free!

Every time Megan Lane takes her 2-year-old Italian Greyhound named Cosmo with her on the London Underground, Cosmo manages to make some friends, spread love and bring out smiles to the other commuters.

Cosmo’s behavior is not stereotypical of her breed which is known to be slightly anxious, less affectionate and needs time to be close to other people.  He is a deviant with a heart.

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Megan said, “I love taking him on the train with me because he always lights up people’s day. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets.”

While letting Cosmo jump on people’s knees, she is also cautious of how people react to him.  So far, the majority of the people give Cosmo the love that he’s looking for and give him pets.   

Photo Credit: @megan_rose_lane (Instagram)

Megan said, “People always smile and ask if they can hold or stroke him.”

Cosmo’s ability to spread love and comfort on these rain rides has earned him the title of honorary London Underground Therapy Dog. This is a title that Cosmo rightly deserves as he has given love and companionship to people who need it.  And for his mom, he was there when he needed a friend.

Photo Credit: @megan_rose_lane (Instagram)

Megan said, “I got him when I was heartbroken and very scared to be living alone for the first time in my life. He’s been the best company and my little mate. He sleeps under the covers on my legs.”

So, when you get a ride with Cosmo on the underground, consider yourself lucky and show him some attention and care and you will be rewarded with unconditional, heart-lifting and pure love for free plus a day that is brighter.

Source: The Dodo