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Jet-Setting Dachshund’s Adorably Failed Bone-Hiding Stunt Wins Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • An adorably selective eater, Rocky the Dachshund, attempts to stash away his bone for later.
  • Rather than expertly hiding his treat, the pup’s hiding spot of choice is a blanket on his owner’s bed.
  • This fun-loving jet-setter has already won over many hearts with his unique antics and “two-sided” personality.

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The classic image of a dog with a bone is something we’re all familiar with. There’s an undeniable appeal of a content dog, gnawing away at a favorite chewy delight. But this isn’t solely about the joy of a good chew, according to Dr. Mark Reynolds, an animal behaviorist and evolutionary biologist.

“Dogs share a common ancestor with wolves, who relied on bones as a valuable source of nutrition,” Reynolds noted.
“The act of chewing on bones taps into their ancestral instincts and provides a sense of fulfillment.”

Dr. Samantha Davis, a veterinary and canine dental health specialist, added, “Chewing on bones provides dogs with a natural mechanism for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.”
“The abrasive action of gnawing on bones helps remove plaque buildup, preventing dental issues such as periodontal disease.”

Not every dog, however, is as captivated by this ancestral tradition. For instance, meet Rocky, an 11-month-old jet-setting mini Dachshund from sunny Florida.


Michelle Vach, Rocky’s owner, said, “We were thinking about getting a dog and since I was in Germany and he lives in the U.S, we were looking for a small pup so he could travel with us.”
“We fell in love with the picture of him right away.”

Rocky is more than just a charming face — he’s also a seasoned traveler. The dog has been on multiple six-hour flights and has made trips to Germany and Indiana to meet family and friends. “He is used to traveling and is really calm,” Vach said.

Rocky brought a joyful, active, and highly emotional personality to his new home.
“His favorite things to do are playing fetch, hiking, going on long walks, digging at the beach, and spending time with us,” shared Vach.

Curiously, Rocky’s eating habits are a bit quirky. Vach explained, “Rocky is a picky eater and he only eats when he’s hungry. At first we had to get used to it but since we now know what he likes and the schedule when he’s hungry, it’s not a problem anymore.”

Rocky’s selectiveness extends to bones. In a video shared on social media, Vach captured Rocky’s reaction when he’s not hungry but has a bone.
“Dachshunds use hiding as a survival strategy,” Vach noted. “They hide their surplus of food where it can be preserved and protected in the cool ground, and then eat it later.”

However, Rocky’s hiding spot — a blanket on the couch — wasn’t the most covert, triggering much hilarity on social media. “Best hiding spot,” one user quipped, with another adding: “No one will ever find it.”


Rocky’s peculiar behaviors are part of his “two-sided” character, according to Vach. “He has a calm, loving side and a really crazy side. At first we didn’t know why he acted wild doing things like stealing our things, running off with our clothes and shoes, unrolling the toilet paper, biting holes in our blankets, but once we figured out what he actually wanted, we learned how to handle it,” she said.

Vach cherishes all of Rocky’s eccentricities and wouldn’t change a thing about her energetic, loving pup…although she admits his bone hiding skills could use some improvement.


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