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Kid’s Video Message to Teacher Features Dad’s Hilarious Dance Moves [Video]



  • Six-year-old Delaney Jones has been missing her teachers during remote learning, so she makes it a point to wish them well with video messages.
  • One day, she sent a video message that accidentally featured her dad’s hilarious dance moves.
  • Her dad had crashed the video, thinking it was just a craft tutorial!

As online learning becomes the new normal, most kids are trying their best to cope.

Delaney Jones, 6, has been missing her teachers. So, she always tries to send them video messages to convey her thoughts.

Her family, who reside in Beaverton, Oregon, have been used to Delaney making videos. Her mom, Jennifer, says that she also loves making craft tutorials.

Photo Credit: Facebook

One day, Jennifer was checking Seesaw, the app that Delaney uses for her schoolwork.

She chanced upon one of Delaney’s video messages to her teachers, and she was surprised to see her husband, Isaac, dancing in it!

I was checking Delaney's seesaw (app for school) and she often will send her teachers random videos wishing them well, or goodnight, or just talking to talk. Well…. I found this as a sent video from earlier today. I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did…. How's your distance learning going? *update* Daddy thought she was just making a "tutorial" like she typically does. He didn't know she uploaded it to seesaw and sent it to her 1st grade teacher!Posted by Jennifer Jones on Friday, November 20, 2020

Jennifer shared the video on Facebook, with the caption, “Well…. I found this as a sent video from earlier today. I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did…. How’s your distance learning going?”

It turns out that Isaac thought Delaney was only making a craft tutorial video — he didn’t know she would send it to her teachers!


In the video, Delaney can be heard saying, “That’s my dad,” when her dad appeared and started dancing in the background. At first, it seemed like she was okay with having a guest on video…

…But then her siblings joined in!

Photo Credit: Facebook

She had to mutter, “What is wrong with this family? I’m just trying to do peace and quiet art!”

Her video became a family thing! Her dad and siblings surely enjoyed themselves. And that would have definitely made her teachers chuckle.

Photo Credit: Facebook

When the clip went viral, Isaac responded by sharing some advice to fellow dads:

“Take these chances we get to make memories with your amazing kids, the miracles they are. It’s one of the best parts about being a parent. Because unlike from your professional life, as a parent, if you act like a fool the ones who matter actually admire you even more! What a relief right?”

Photo Credit: Facebook

As the fun-loving dad said, it feels good to have “spread a little levity and distraction” during these times.

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