Watch The Funny Moment A Labrador Drags Puppy Away From Vacuum [Video]

A video of a Labrador dragging a puppy away from a vacuum cleaner has gone viral after it was posted on TikTok.

In the viral TikTok video shared by user @rockydogtok, a small French bulldog can be seen barking at and seemingly attacking the vacuum cleaner. A woman can be seen using the vacuum to clean up the dust that had accumulated under the Christmas tree.

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The video was captioned “when your big sis over your ****.” The larger black dog was seen calmly walking over to the smaller dog only to pick the Frenc bulldog up and pull it away from the vacuum.

The video has been viewed more than 6 million times since being shared a day before Christmas.

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Many of the users who commented on the clip praised the Labrador’s handling of the situation.

TikTok user bexedmybeloved said: “Dogs being annoyed with other dogs, and handling it themselves, is my favorite thing to watch in action.”

Texas Daiquiris added: “She grabbed her like OK that’s enough, hush.”

Photo Credit: @rockydogtok (TikTok)

User Wuggly said the Labrador’s action is “A good way to tell her she is giving them a headache.”

Vixen Fluffy Paws predicted that: “Big sis is going to have her hands full with this cutie.”

User @rockydogtok explained the French bulldog is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner and complained that they’re “all sick of his vacuum obsession.” The author added that the Frenchie “attacks it on the charger even. She just did what we all wanted to.”

Photo Credit: @rockydogtok (TikTok)

There are several reasons why dogs might be scared of vacuum cleaners. According to the pet website, some dogs that are not exposed to loud noise find it threatening and believe it could start attacking them. A traumatic experience, where a dog has been startled by a vacuum cleaner can in turn develop into a phobia. Also, some breeds can be more shy or nervous around vacuum cleaners or any loud appliances. A droving instinct can also be a factor with some dogs who might be asserting their herding instinct and think of the vacuum as a disobedient animal.

Source: Newsweek

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