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Labrador Who Saved Countless Lives During Combat Missions Now Lives Happily With Her Family Of Marine Veterans



  • Corporal Byung Kang volunteered to be the dog handler for detecting explosives.
  • He met Blue, a Labrador, who was very efficient with her job and saved him and his comrade’s lives multiple times.
  • Although they had to part ways, Byung looked for Blue and when he found her, he gave her the life she dearly deserves!

Corporal Byung Kang was deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Marine Corps when he met his savior turned best friend. A Labrador named Blue, has saved his life and the rest of his platoon many times!

Blue is trained to sniff out improvised bombs and she is an expert in the field. That is why, it was hard for her handler to let her go even when they had to part ways.

Photo Credit: Byung Kang

The first time Byung was deployed to Afghanistan, he and his comrades almost got caught into  IED blasts. So in 2011, he decided to volunteer and become the dog handler for IED detection.

Blue proved to be very efficient in her job detecting explosives. In fact, on their first mission together, she has already saved a lot of lives. 

Photo Credit: Byung Kang

“That IED could have taken a couple of our guys out. So from there, Blue started getting trust and the respect of my platoon,” Byung told Today. “Since we knew Blue is effective, it was almost impossible for a squad or a platoon to go out without Blue.”

It goes without saying that Blue has become a very important member of the team and Byung promised to give her the best life he could provide someday.

Photo Credit: Byung Kang

“I told her, ‘What you’ve done for me and my guys over here in Afghanistan, we cannot pay back,’” he said. “‘So I’m going to give you a good home where you can cuddle all day, not worrying about going to war and finding bombs.’”

Byung and Blue have gone into over 300 missions together before they had to go their separate ways. But Byung was determined to get Blue back and fulfill his promise of a good life to her.

Photo Credit: Byung Kang

Now, his wife Wendy Kang, who is a Marine veteran herself, knows how important Blue is to Byung, so she reached out to her fellow Marines and with some luck, they finally located Blue.

Blue officially became part of Byung’s family and the retired military dog moved to Georgia with them. Since then, she has been living the dream life Byung promised her.

Photo Credit: Byung Kang

“These working dogs, they will give up their life for us,” he said. “So we should be thankful to them and respect them and above all, trust the dog because dogs will not lie.”

Blue is a semifinalist for the 2020 American Humane Hero Dog Awards, and she also received service award from the United States War Dogs Association!


Most importantly, she is a hero to Byung and to many lives!

Source: Inspire More