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Look: 20 Adorable Photos of Cats Smooshed Against Glass Surfaces



  • Cats are known for being flexible and seemingly liquid.
  • So when they happen to pick a glass surface as their comfy spot, all that liquid fur just gets smooshed.
  • It turns out that cats transform into even cuter versions of themselves when they camp out on glass surfaces!

Cats are known for their flexibility.

Most cat parents would attest that cats seem to be made of liquid!

This allows them to squeeze into the tightest spots — wherever they’re most comfortable in.

And when that comfy spot turns out to be a glass surface, all that liquid fur just gets smooshed.

Check out these adorable photos of cats on glass surfaces:

1. This cat has its own unique victory pose.

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. What would you do if you woke up to this UFO sighting?

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. “I fits, so I sits.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Get a load of these toe beans.

Photo Credit: Instagram

5.  It turns out that this adorable cat could, indeed, still get much cuter.

cats-on-glass-tables-5.jpg (600×594)
Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Check out this chonk!

cats-on-glass-tables-6.jpg (564×376)
Photo Credit: Reddit

7. “What ‘ya looking at?!”

cats-on-glass-tables-7.jpg (660×660)
Photo Credit: Facebook


cats-on-glass-tables-9.jpg (236×359)
Photo Credit: Petbiyori

9. “Let me just lay here and think about life.”

cats-on-glass-tables-10.jpg (600×603)
Photo Credit: Instagram

10. This just looks like professional photography.

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. This is public indecency!

cats-on-glass-tables-12.jpg (600×757)
Photo Credit: Instagram

12. This could possibly be counted as a work of art.

cats-on-glass-tables-13.jpg (634×443)
Photo Credit: Imgur

13. “I’m comfortably dressed and ready for a nap!”

cats-on-glass-tables-14.jpg (660×810)
Photo Credit: Facebook

14. If I close my eyes, will you disappear?

cats-on-glass-tables-15.jpg (600×641)
Photo Credit: Instagram

15. Twice the cuteness!

Photo Credit: Instagram

16. This photo somehow makes it look like this cat is underwater.

cats-on-glass-tables-17.jpg (471×500)
Photo Credit: Imgur

17. We keep wondering how comfortable this sitting position is.

Photo Credit: Reddit

18. This cat’s toe beans are almost completely covered with fuzz.

cats-on-glass-tables-19.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Imgur

19. Ever felt like somebody’s been watching you?

cats-on-glass-tables-20.jpg (640×853)
Photo Credit: Reddit

20. We think this cat might be dreaming about flying.

Photo Credit: Imgur

It only takes a glass surface, apparently, to transform cats into even cuter versions of themselves!

Source: inspireMORE