Lost dog “arrested” by cops thinks he works in the police station now

  • A wandering shaggy lovable dog without an owner in sight was “arrested” by the Chippewa Falls Police.
  • While at the police station, the dog, Tate, made himself into the station’s greeter and got pets for his “work”.
  • Even without a badge, Tate the dog did his job with excitement and the police spokesperson said it was great to have the dog with them.

When Tate was found wandering around without his owner in the town of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, cops “arrested” the pooch and brought him to the police station. Officers were also tracking his owner.

With other dogs, they might get fussy with a new environment, but not Tate.

Photo Credit: Chippewa Falls Police Department

As what the Chippewa Falls Police told the Dodo, “He fit in very well.”

Photo Credit: Chippewa Falls Police Department

Tate kept his cool and immediately started charming his way through the station by assigning himself as the greeter and hopped on the visitor window.  He was so eager to be a part of the police force!

The spokesperson said he thought it was so funny. “We all love having the dogs stop by so we can give them some water, treats, and of course some back rubs!” the spokesperson added.

Photo Credit: Chippewa Falls Police Department

As the greeter, Tate received a lot of pets.  So, even without a badge, Tate enjoyed his “job”.  But then again, he was just there as a one-time worker.   He had to be returned to his owner who by this time, was identified and located.  Tate’s duty was done. Officer Tate was dismissed.

The spokesperson said, “It was great to have him with us.”

Source: The Dodo

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Michael Pemberton

Excellent story about Chico the bull. I am reminded of the story of Ferdinand the bull. I went on to read about Bansky the female feral feline and her litter. Excellent stories that brightened my day along with the dog arrested for vagrancy that became a volunteer police officer for a day.