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Loving Pitbull Always Makes Sure Her Little Baby Sister Is Safe!



  • At first, Ellie was always a scared pup who is afraid of people.
  • But Kevin gave her lots of love she learned to trust humans again.
  • Now that a new baby was born, Ellie made sure to watch her little sister always.

Ellie used to be always scared when she was rescued by Kevin Smith and his wife. 

The pit bull was afraid of people, especially men, but Kevin did not give up on her and continued to show her that she could trust people again — by spoiling her with lots of love! Soon enough, he succeeded in taming the pup!

“At first, I was worried because she was terrified to even leave the ground. She was frozen to the ground, and you could tell she’d had it rough,” Kevin told The Dodo. “Now she wants everyone to love her and pet her. She begs for attention.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Smith

For a year, she was the only one her family showered love with. She’s gotten all their attention only for herself. But when Kevin’s wife got pregnant, they were unsure how Ellie would react once another star comes to the family.

But Ellie seemed to be really fine with it as the months passed. “When my wife was pretty close to her due date, Ellie used to lay her head on her belly and listen to her,” Kevin said. “It was pretty much a nightly occurrence.”

And as soon as the newborn baby arrived, Ellie fell instantly in love with her. It was as if she had been waiting for her little sister her entire life! 

Photo Credit: Kevin Smith

“We had Peytyn in the bedroom, and usually Ellie is happy to see us, but she just bypassed us and went straight in to see Peytyn,” Kevin said.

Five months later, Peytyn is growing fast and Ellie has become her full-time bodyguard and babysitter. She would go wherever her little sister goes.

“You can’t take Peytyn anywhere without Ellie following her,” Kevin said. “You take Peytyn to the changing table and Ellie’s there making sure her baby’s OK … She just sits right there and stares at you. You pick her up to move her and she’s following you.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Smith

Ellie was just being protective of her little sister and she always makes sure she’s there when her parents are sometimes busy with other things. They would see Ellie on the baby monitor taking watch for Peytyn.

“Ellie keeps a constant eye on Peytyn,” Kevin said. “She just sticks her head right above the crib — she never goes into the crib but stays above it and makes sure she’s OK.”

Peytyn, on the other hand, loves how she’s being the center of Ellie’s attention. She has even learned to pet her back! Kevin can clearly see how devoted Ellie is to their daughter — and that only makes him love the pit bull even more.

Source: The Dodo