Look: Pet Maine Coon looks like a majestic black panther [Video]

Maine Coon looks like a majestic black panther

  • Vincent the Maine Coon looks so majestic that he seems more like a black panther than a cat.
  • His parents, Andrey and Anastasia, fell in love with him the moment they saw him so they took him in.
  • He has since grown into a majestic house panther who loves playing fetch.

Meet Vincent, a Maine Coon cat so majestic he looks like a black panther.

Young couple Andrey and Anastasia had been aching for a cuddly companion, but they weren’t quite ready for children yet.

So, they looked into Avito, the Russian version of eBay. When they checked out available cats and kittens, they were enticed by a cat’s striking yellow eyes.

Photo Credit: Instagram

It was love at first sight! The couple thought that the black Maine coon kitten looked like a little panther.

They were worried that the huge cat wouldn’t fit inside their small apartment, but they decided to take him in anyway.

Andrey shared, “His muzzle in the photo in the ad seemed to be calling us.”

While they were thinking of what to name him, they heard the name Vincent on TV. They thought it was perfect to name the cat, who had a seemingly human face, a human name.

Vincent, who was already large for a kitten, continued to grow into a house panther — and he’s not done growing!

Andrey said that it was already hard to carry him. He added that Vincent acts more like a dog than a cat, but he has an unusual “chirping” sort of meow. Vincent also loves playing fetch with a small foil ball.

Photo Credit: Instagram

He’s also easily startled, especially when someone sneezes. “He always reacts very emotionally to our sneezes, shouting something in his own language in response,” Andrey shared.

Several people admired Vincent, so the couple created social media accounts to share him with the world. He has since had 702,900 followers on TikTok and 26,000 followers on Instagram! Fans simply love his luxurious fur and intense gaze.

Andrey shared, “Like any child, he is very curious. Therefore, wherever we are, in the bedroom, in the shower, or in the closet, he keeps a close eye on us.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Andrey and Anastasia absolutely love their house panther, but they warn others that a Maine Coon cat might not be for everyone. The huge cats obviously need a lot of space and care.

It’s clear, however, that the couple thinks Vincent is worth all the trouble.

You can see more of Vincent on TikTok and Instagram.

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A really cool cat!

We had several Maine Coons over the years. By far one of our Favorite Breeds. You would be hard pressed to find more Lovable, Intelligent and Faithful companions. A note of caution. Many have been so tightly bred that they have a number of health issues. One of the more prevalent is heart murmurs. Generally picked up early by a good Vet and then decisions have to be made in terms of ongoing care. Mid- life issues include blood clotting and respiratory problems. Later in life polycystic kidney disease and hip dysplasia. All are chronic and will require treatments until death. We loved ours and made the decision to keep them and help them through their life with as much as was required to keep them happy and contented. Our Females were healthy and tipped the scales at > 18 pounds; our Males > 22 pounds. BIG Litter Boxes. Enjoy Panther!