Mom shares daughter’s unusual birthmark on social media to raise awareness

  • Winry was born with an uncommon birthmark.
  • She was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevi.
  • Her mom shared Winry’s photos on social media to raise awareness about her condition.

Winry wasn’t like most babies from the moment she was born.

Her parents initially mistaken a large mark on one side of her face for a bruise. However, they soon discovered that she was suffering from congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), an uncommon birthmark.

Nicole Hall, her mother, knew that many others would be unfamiliar with this sort of birthmark because she had never seen it before. As a result, she knew that Winry might face bullying as she grew older.

Nicole has used social media to raise awareness (and to show off how cute Winry is!) to help battle this.

Nicole knows that this is the first time many people will encounter a birthmark like her daughter’s.


“This is a good conversation for parents with their children to see kids have differences, or for those parents who do have a kid that looks like Winry or has any kind of a birthmark to see their child represented.”

Nicole is frequently asked about CMN, particularly its potential health risks. Winry is at a very slightly higher risk of acquiring melanoma, a type of skin cancer. As a result, Nicole takes special care of her daughter’s skin and takes her to see a dermatologist regularly.


People commonly inquire about the possibility of having the birthmark erased. While it may be feasible in the future, Nicole does an excellent job of explaining why they’re waiting for Winry to reach the age of consent.

As crucial as it is for them to monitor Winry’s health, their main concern is how others will treat her and how this would affect her mental health. Thankfully, Nicole has been able to get in touch with people all around the world who have CMN, thanks to the power of social media.

Nicole shared that they had the opportunity to speak with a number of Brazilians who also had birthmarks. One of them has one that looks almost just like Winry, and she’s practically Nicole’s age.

Winry’s CMN distinguishes her physically, but Nicole says it is her personality that truly defines her. She may only be a year old, but she already exhibits indications of being chatty and sassy. And the fact that she “just radiates joy” is the most important thing. 

Nicole hopes that she hopes twenty years from now, Winry will be happy and does whatever she wants to do.

“Because I just know that she can do anything she sets her mind on whether that’s college or becoming a mom herself or exploring the world; whether it’s talking to people about her birthmark and helping continue this or whether it has absolutely nothing to do with that. I just want her to be doing whatever makes her heart happy,” she added. 

Source: Inspire More

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