Mom who suffered 7 miscarriages was elated when she saw her newborn [Video]

  • Erin Blaskie and her husband decided to have another baby ten years after their first child was born.
  • But Erin suffered seven heartbreaking miscarriages.
  • When she finally was able to give birth to a son, Erin couldn’t stop crying with happiness.

When mothers hear their newborn’s first cries, it’s music to their ears. It’s also a feeling of relief that you were successful in bringing them into the world.

For moms who have experienced pregnancy loss and miscarriage, those cries make them more precious.

Erin Blaskie has had ten pregnancies but was able to deliver only two children into this world. Ten years after Erin and her husband had their first child, the couple tried to have another child over and over again. Erin suffered seven miscarriages.

As heartbreaking as it was, Erin and her husband didn’t lose hope.

On October 9th, 2021, Erin was able to deliver a healthy baby boy. A video captured Erin sobbing out of sheer joy and relief when she hears her son’s first cries. It’s at that moment that she realizes their story has a happy ending.

Photo Credit: @goodnews_movement (Instagram)

“Hearing him cry after seven miscarriages was one of the most incredible moments,” Erin wrote. “He’s real. I was in total disbelief that he was finally here.”

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