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Neighbors Build Playground For Three Kids Housebound Because Of Coronavirus



  • Danielle Spooner, her fiancé, and her three children shared their quarantine struggles online.
  • Their neighbors jump into action to help the family out and transform the empty lot in their area into a playground.
  • The project was completed after two days, costing less than £100.

Danielle Spooner posted about her quarantine struggles online. She did not expect that a group of strangers would jump into action to help her out.

She lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Swansea, Wales with her fiancé Jason Lowe and her three kids. Their twin boys are just 18 months old, and their other child is three. Danielle said that the coronavirus lockdown has been stressful for her family because of the limited fresh air from where they live.

“It has been very challenging with no outside space and young children who are used to being out and about,” Danielle said.

The United Kingdom barred the public from parks and playground facilities to limit people out on the streets. This means that the park right across the street from where the family lives is off-limits too. Danielle reached out to their neighbors online, explaining their difficulties inside their apartment. The discussion later turned into community action.

The solution to their problem was closer than they imagined. “Right at the end of the car park is a bit of wasteland that hasn’t been used for years,” Danielle explained. “The other day we were thinking we could make a little mini playground — by then we were at breaking point.”

The family wasted no time to start the renovation project after the go-ahead from the people in charge of the empty space. By the time their play area project has started, help from all over the community came pouring down. Amanda Evans and Carl Fackrell helped to put down the mulch for the play area. Soon, other parents received word about the project and donated old toys, a baby pool, and even a trampoline!

It took less than two days and cost less than £100 for the project to be completed. The local restaurant even treated the volunteers with a free dinner.

“Everyone has been amazing to help us, even when they don’t have to,” Danielle said. “Since lockdown, a lot of communities have come back together like ours.”

The project is a success. The children are excited about the new space for them to play around again. Danielle said, “The children went crazy when they saw it — running around, trying out everything that’s in there.”

This is another story that reminds us of how much better things are when we are in it together. This crisis is not as troubling with the support from everyone around you.

Source: Inspire More