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Nurse Mom Who Worked Double Shifts Due To Pandemic Came Home After 9 Weeks— Her Reunion With Two Daughters Is Absolutely Heartwarming [Video]



  • Suzanne Vaughan decided to work double shifts as a nurse in a hospital in Norfolk.
  • She’s been away for nine weeks and hasn’t been able to see her two daughters for a long time.
  • So when she was finally able to get reunited with them, it was a very emotional moment.

A “hero” nurse and a mom of two has been apart from her daughters for nine weeks while she was working on the frontline. When they finally had the chance to reunite, the heartwarming moment was captured in a video.

Suzanne Vaughan is a 43-year-old single mother and a nurse. She decided to work double shifts for England’s NHS at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk amidst the novel coronavirus outbreaks which forced her to be away from her daughters for more than two months.

After working round the clock in the ICU for that long span of time, Suzanne was finally able to care for her daughters.

Photo Credit: SWNS

In the video of the very emotional reunion, Suzanne can be seen sneaking behind the sofa to surprise Bella, 9, and Hettie, 7, who have been staying temporarily in Peterborough with their Aunt Charlotte.

“I brought them to my sister’s home because I wanted to keep them safe, because I work at the hospital and was exposing myself to the virus each day,” Suzanne said. “But I also wanted to work more, and I couldn’t do more hours and keep the girls. It was a really difficult decision but it was a sacrifice that needed to be made.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Suzanne never expected it to last for nine weeks until she was able to see and hug her daughters again. 

Like her, many other frontliners sacrificed their time with their families to do their job in caring for people. They have put their lives at risk while fighting the virus and save others as much as they can. Suzanne has been a nurse for 20 years and her passion was to help people with their health.

“I put work first for nine weeks, but I think now it was time I put my girls first.”

Initially, she works 28 hours a week and was then asked to do more than 50 hours amidst the pandemic. 

Although she always did FaceTime video calls and text messages with her girls, there were many times she missed them a lot and wanted to give up. 

But she didn’t and her daughters have nothing but respect for her and pride for being a hero.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Suzzanne kept it a secret that she’s coming to see them, and their reaction was too precious. It was worth all the time they were apart and the sacrifices they made. 

“I just didn’t want to let them go, and when they cried I just felt it in my heart. It was amazing. We’ve always been close, but this has made us so much closer,” she said.

Source: Good News Network