Olympian mom and daughter’s training is hilarious — but heartwarming [Video]

  • Danielle Lawrie is preparing physically for her second Olympic Games.
  • She’s training at home and her seven-year-old daughter Madison is joining her.
  • The training has been hard for Madison and even made her cry for a lot of times, but she isn’t giving up!

This is what happens when an Olympian mom has been training with a young daughter who’s tagging herself along.

Danielle Lawrie, a 34-year-old mom of two, will compete in the Tokyo games later this month as part of the Canadian softball team. The upcoming Olympic Games with team Canada will be her second time playing overall, but her first since she’s become a mother.

Danielle has been working hard to be physically prepared. She’s been training at home, which made her seven-year-old daughter, Madison, interested to join in. But later on, the little girl realized she made a mistake. Olympics isn’t as easy as it looks.

“She realizes she’s over her head within 3 minutes in every single time,” Danielle said. “She starts breathing super heavy, and the tears start to come out, and she starts to say she can’t do it. That’s where I come in and completely change the way she’s supposed to think about it. You can do it, it’s hard but we can finish, we do not give up.”

The mom posted a hilarious, but heartwarming, video of her training with Madison, and it has gotten thousands of views.

“I love that a video like this is gaining some momentum because to me raising strong kids is the best way,” the Olympian mom said. “The world is already tough, so why not make our kids even tougher to be able to handle whatever is to come? Pushing through adversity and not allowing your children to give up is pushing them to believe in themselves even when they didn’t think it was possible.”

Although training has brought tears to Madison, Danielle knows her daughter will not quit being her workout buddy.

“Maddie will 100% work out with me again in the future. It will be our thing,” she said.

The Olympian momma added that she’s proud of her Maddie, which she always tells the young girl.

“She’s so proud when she’s done. …She loves me telling her how proud I am of her, and I make it a priority to always make her feel like the most badass chick in the room,” Danielle said.

“I’m so proud that she’s gotten to see me grind the way I have because it’s opened that door for her,” the proud mom added. “If momma can do it… you surely can.”

Source: Good Morning America

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