Huge Dog Not Happy About Owner Using His Puppy Blanket, Gets It Back [Video]

  • A TikTok video of @thebernerbunch has captured the attention of viewers as a Bernese Mountain Dog wrestles his blanket from his companion’s lap.
  • Weller the dog usually shares his things and food with Gita his older sibling and this is just one of those days where he asserted ownership.
  • A 2016 study revealed that dogs are capable of sharing but maybe Weller was just telling Meredith to ask permission.

Let this be a warning to dog owners: Ask permission to get any of their items or you’ll end up getting dagger looks from your pet.

Although in a 2016 study published in the Public Library of Science, researchers found that dogs were capable of being generous. They share whatever they have with their canine friends who they were already familiar with. But it does not hurt to ask permission.  Just like what happened to a pet pooch by the name of Weller and his human companion, Meredith.

@thebernerbunch “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine too” -Weller, probably. #rescuedog #bernesemountaindog #dramaticdog ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

In @thebernerbunch TikTok video, Meredith was on the couch snuggling and using Weller’s puppy blanket. Weller grabbed the blanket and brought it to his bed while giving Meredith the dirty look.

Meredith said that Weller doesn’t struggle with sharing things especially with his older sibling, Gita. She added, “I honestly think in that video he was just stealing his blanket back to get my attention. He loves attention.”

But she realizes that she might “ask permission” from Weller when she wants to borrow the blanket again.

Photo Credit: @thebernerbunch (TikTok)

The Berner was adopted after Meredith lost two of her senior rescue Berneses, Lady and Kylie, just 10 months apart from each other. She explained, “Gita became depressed after they passed, so I decided I needed to get her a companion.”

It turned out that the 11-month-old male pup was what they needed that time.

Meredith describes Weller to have an extremely goofy personality with a super sweet side. Weller is extremely well-behaved and super eager to please.  He makes her laugh with his clumsy and very curious nature and is very expressive and vocal when he wants something.

@thebernerbunch Here are a few of your favorite Weller moments from 2022 ☺️ inspo: @Ladyandtheblues ♬ Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders

Even if Weller had a series of serious joint issues needing total hip replacement surgery, the dog has maintained its sweet nature.

Clearly, he was just not in the mood to share his blanket this one time.  As one commenter wrote: “it’s funny because he didn’t even want he was just making sure you couldn’t have it either” and another adding, “how dare you.” “The judgement is strong in those adorable eyes,” quipped another.

Just ask permission next time, please. 

Source: Newsweek

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