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Pet Cat Missing For 3 Days Returns With Note From Fish Vendor: “This Cat Owes Me 3 Mackerels”



  • A pet cat in Thailand that went missing for three days returned with a note hanging on his neck.
  • The note says he owes Aunty May at Alley #2 of a Thai market, three mackerels.
  • The photo goes viral on Facebook but does not indicate if the debt has been paid.

Cats are crafty pets but this cat went missing only to return three days after with a new collar and a note around his neck saying he has incurred a debt.

How would you feel in that case?  Would you be relieved that he is finally home?  Or would you get mad as he managed to get into debt?

The photo of the cat sitting shortly after he returned home with the “debt” note hanging around his neck has now gone viral.  It was shared on Facebook with the caption, “Lost 3 days, returned with debt. Pretty face, right?”

It has now been shared 170 times and gained one thousand likes. One comment even said that he will be following the cat’s activities from now on and another would like to know how the cat escaped.

The chubby grey tabby cat may be popular now but he or his owner still has to settle his debt.  

The note which was written in Thai, and translated into English means, “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.” The fish giver also wrote, “Aunty May at alley no. 2.”

There is no escaping Aunty May. Three days, three mackerels.

It seems that there are two crafty individuals involved here- the cat and the store owner.  The cat knows where to ask for a sympathetic human to feed him, and for the store owner to identify herself for how else would the owner know who the cat owed money?

It’s a sigh of relief for his owner to know his cat is home and that he was only missing for three days.  He might have never come home or incurred a bigger debt.


Stay home, kitty!

Source: News18