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Piglet about to undergo euthanasia was saved, now living a wonderful life



  • Floppy was born with a shaking head syndrome which was an uncontrollable tremor, making him a candidate for euthanasia.
  • But Chelsey and her husband took him home to care for him.
  • Now, Chelsey is a healthy pig, with no signs of the disorder, and even enjoys his own bedroom every night!

On a West Virginia farm one year and a half ago, a litter of piglets was born. One of them had shaking head syndrome, an uncontrollable tremor, which made the vet suggest that it wouldn’t live longer than a week. To end the pain of the piglet, euthanasia was even an option.

Photo Credit: floppythepig/Instagram

As much as the family wanted to give the piglet a chance at life, they didn’t have the time to give him the round-the-clock care he needed — the baby pig couldn’t walk and nurse on his own.

And then Chelsey and her husband, who is the owner’s brother, stepped in. They took the piglet, named him Floppy, and gave him a loving home.

Photo Credit: floppythepig/Instagram

Instantly, Floppy hit it off with the couple’s two rescue dogs and two cats, and started to bond with them and his human family.

For several weeks, Chelsey and her husband bottle-fed the piglet, and with some research, they learned how to take care of pigs.

“We only expected to have him for a couple weeks, then if he did better to take him to a sanctuary, but when the time came he won our hearts and we couldn’t let go,” Chelsey said.

Photo Credit: floppythepig/Instagram

Now at 18 months, Floppy is no longer a tiny piglet, but has fully grown to a 500-pound pig. The “gentle giant” usually eats apples and bananas, plays with his animal friends in the backyard, enjoys water in his plastic kiddie pool, and even sleeps in his own bedroom!

“Floppy is so loving, smart, and sociable,” Chelsey explained. “He never wants to be alone and loves spending time with people. He gets so excited when people come to visit him. He taught himself how to walk up and down the stairs and how to open doors. He loves snacks and belly rubs and playing in his pool. We take him on walks on a leash every day. He is just so special and unlike a lot of other pigs.”

Photo Credit: floppythepig/Instagram

Besides all these good qualities, Floppy loves posing for adorable selfies, which Chelsey posts on his Instagram page in hopes that other people will take a chance on pet with special needs.

“The biggest takeaway from this story is to just have faith and give chances,” she said. “Believe in the happy things in life and that things will work out the way they were meant to. Floppy beat the odds and is living his best life because we simply gave him the chance to become the pig he was meant to be.”

Photo Credit: floppythepig/Instagram

What’s more amazing is that Floppy’s shaking head condition is all gone now, and he’s living the life better than any pig can dream of.

Source: Inspire More