Pup stares down the camera after owner puts her on diet [Video]

Pup angrily stares down the camera after owner puts her on diet

  • Mango’s owner recently had to put the golden retriever on a diet, as the vet had ordered.
  • Mango watched intently as her owner poured food on her bowl, only to be confused when she realized she was given less to eat.
  • She then flashed her puppy eyes and tried to stare down the camera, causing many viewers to feel bad for her.

Diets can be such a pain, and that holds true for both humans and pets. Mango the golden retriever knew just how hard it is when her vet had her put on a diet.

Her priceless and sympathy-inducing reaction to her owner giving her less food was captured on camera:


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The video, which was originally shared on TikTok by user @itsmissmango, had viewers feeling sorry for the poor pup. The clip has since earned over 459,000 views and over 33,000 likes.

In the video, Mango can be seen watching intently as her owner started pouring food onto her bowl.

But it turned out to be only a measly portion.

Mango paused and stared at her bowl, which looked almost empty. She looked visibly confused!

When she realized that no more food was coming, she quickly flashed her owner a desperate look, hoping for more.

But as she waited to no avail, her look slowly turned into a scowl. How could her owner possibly resist her sad puppy eyes?

It was like she was thinking, “Seriously? This is all there is?”

Sadly, her owner has to follow the vet’s orders, which is to put Mango on a diet.

The video made several viewers feel bad for the hungry Mango. Many said her eyes looked so heartbreaking.

“Omg those eyes are breaking my heart, my love,” one comment read.

One viewer begged, “Just give that dog more please.” Another jested, “Mango – I’m coming to rescue you!”


Source: Daily Star

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