Puppy trampled by a horse is getting used to 3 legs

  • A puppy who was stepped on by a horse broke one of his legs.
  • The vet couldn’t repair the dog’s leg so it had to be amputated.
  • The dog is now up for adoption.

Happy isn’t going to let anything get in the way of his happiness!

On Facebook on Wednesday, the From Heaven to Earth Rescue in New Philadelphia, Ohio, posted a heartbreaking story about one of their puppies.


The post read: “Hello, my name is Happy. I am a 5 ½ week old 5 lbs. male border collie mix. 3 days ago I was stepped on by a horse and broke my leg … the rescue vet couldn’t repair my leg so it had to be amputated.”

One of the front legs of the black and white border collie mix in the photo has been stitched up, while the other three are standing tall. Happy is also accompanied by a toy Woodstock, emphasizing how small the dog is.

On Thursday, however, the animal shelter gave a positive update on how Happy is recovering after major surgery. “This is Happy 2 days after surgery,” the caption on the video read, “starting to get the hang of three feet.”


Happy is now available for adoption at the animal shelter, according to Channel 3 Eyewitness News.

In another heartwarming animal rescue story from the Midwest, an Amazon delivery driver recently came to the rescue of a cat after an unknown person hurled the critter out of a car window in front of his truck on Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa.

The cat was thrown out of the window of the car that was in front of him, said Lori Sandahl, Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes owner. The Amazon driver pulled over, bent down, and the cat came right to him.

According to Sandahl, the driver took the cat to Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes, where she is doing “amazing.”

She added: “She has been handled a lot, obviously. The way she is loving on me, rubbing on me. There is no aggression or anything.”

Although the reason for the cat’s eviction from the vehicle is unknown, Sandahl is hopeful that the feline will find a new home after a veterinarian examination and quarantine time.

“She’s ready for lap time and cuddle time,” said Sandahl. 

Source: People

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