Shelter dog is overjoyed to be reunited with family who’s been looking for him [Video]

  • One morning in January, a stolen dog was found tied to a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA.
  • The dog was taken to a shelter.
  • After two months, the dog and his original family were reunited.

When a staff member arrived at work one morning in January, he discovered Cow tied to a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA. When he was first taken in by the shelter, the poor puppy was terrified and didn’t appear to grasp what was going on.

The dog was nervous and would softly growl when meeting new people, NeNe Lewis of the Louisiana SPCA, told The Dodo.

“When he was given treats and people would ‘baby talk’ [to] him, he would stop. Since he was found tied to our fence, it makes his reaction common.”

Cow became more at ease in his new existence at the shelter as time went on. He’d been there for two months, and the staff was working hard to locate him the perfect new family when they discovered something much better – the family he’d lost.

Two months after Cow was discovered, the shelter realized the dog had a family searching for him. He’d been taken from them and landed up at the shelter, and they were overjoyed when they learned he’d been found.

Cow had grown fond of everyone at the shelter and was friendly with all of them, but when he finally saw his mother again, his happiness reached a level that no one had ever seen from him before.


Reunited and it feels so good! After being separated from his family for months, Cow finally gets to go home!

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“Cow was so excited to see his family,” said Lewis. “He was jumping off the walls and his tail was wagging like we’d never seen it before! You could tell from his reaction when he saw his mom that he was reunited with his family!”

Cow sprang into his mother’s arms and melted into a ball of wiggles and cuddles the moment he spotted her. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Cow had returned to his folks, and everyone was overjoyed that they had been able to assist in making the reunion possible.

Cow and his family had been apart for months, yet it seemed like no time had passed when he saw them again. He’s finally settled in with them at home, and he’s overjoyed to be back.

Source: The Dodo

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LOVELY for both doggie and Family! So glad.!!! puts a tear in my eyes.

Michael Horrigan, Sr.

Keep up the good work have had a dog most of life.