Short-spined dog loves being normal despite peculiarities [Video]

  • Tilly is a Tibetan spaniel puppy.
  • She suffers from a rare condition called short spine syndrome.
  • Her uniqueness though did not stop her from being as normal as possible, just like any other dogs.

Tilly, a Tibetan spaniel pup, is special in every way.

Born with short spine syndrome, a rare genetic condition where the spine is literally shortened, Tilly doesn’t mind having this disability — thanks to her mom who made her feel normal in all ways.

Photo Credit: tillythefriendlyloaf/Instagram

Anna Marie Giannini met Tilly when she responded to an online advertisement regarding dogs needing adoptive families. Although she was fully aware that Tilly isn’t a “normal” puppy, Anna knew she was perfect.

“When I arrived, they had told me one of the puppies was deformed and they could not find her a home, which could lead to euthanization,” Anna said. “I had already fallen in love with her and planned out our next year together in my head before he was even done saying that awful statement.”

It was the beginning of their wonderful relationship together.

As Tilly grew, her condition became more evident, but this didn’t stop her from doing things a normal dog would do. She would sleep normally, tucking her legs into the blanket; she would touch Anna the same equal way she wanted to be touched. She loves to snuggle and gives random kisses to her fur mom.

Photo Credit: tillythefriendlyloaf/Instagram

“Every hour or so that we’re home she’ll randomly come up to me and give me kisses and then go back to laying down,” Anna shared. “It is like clockwork. It’s like she needs kisses to function!”

Although her unique look warrants curious stares among other people and fellow dogs, Tilly seemed least concerned. It’s as if she knew what she’s made of: an adapted, talented, well-loved dog that is game for anything!

“Other dogs are usually intrigued by her and more gentle with her,” Anna said. “Tilly does not care though and knows she’s capable of anything. She is definitely determined and wants to play with any dog of any size.”

Photo Credit: tillythefriendlyloaf/Instagram

According to Anna, Tilly is a determined pup and the only time she needed a little help is getting on and off a furniture using special stairs, and when Tilly needed scratches and massages as she couldn’t turn her head to itch or chew herself.


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“I am very thankful I get to be the one to provide a good life for her and that I get to have all this time with her. She constantly reminds me that being different is a special thing,” Anna said.

Photo Credit: tillythefriendlyloaf/Instagram

For Anna, Tilly is such a blessing — an extraordinary one at that.

Source: The Dodo

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