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Sleepy Bear Has a Case of the Mondays [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Chada, a 24-year-old rescue bear at the White Rock Bear Shelter in Ukraine, has become an internet sensation due to a video showing her slow, sleepy start to the day. Previously, Chada was exploited as a prop in circuses and traveling shows.
  • The sanctuary provides Chada with a peaceful, fun-filled life. Despite her sleepy mornings, Chada loves to play once she wakes up fully. Her resilient character and zest for life have made her a beloved figure in the sanctuary.
  • While Chada can’t live in the wild due to her familiarity with humans, her caretakers are committed to giving her a life that closely mirrors what nature intended. They strive to provide her with a peaceful and enjoyable environment that allows her to live like a bear should.

Meet Chada, a 24-year-old rescue bear, who has now become an internet sensation, charming viewers with her decidedly slow approach to waking up in the morning.

Chada lives at the White Rock Bear Shelter in Ukraine, a sanctuary where she has been residing for the past four years.

Her life before was marred by exploitation, with people using her as a prop for circuses and traveling shows, resulting in her spending much of her time confined in cramped cages.

With the sanctuary’s assistance, Chada now enjoys a peaceful life, moving at her own pace. It’s this unhurried approach to life that has endeared her to millions.


Це я починаю робочий тиждень. Доброго ранку. Ми всі трохи Чада з понеділка This is me starting the work week. Good morning. We’re all like Chada on Monday #mondaymotivation #понеділок #кудипітикиїв ♬ оригинальный звук – Whiterockbearsanctuary

A video of Chada leisurely emerging from her den in the morning has gone viral, resonating with everyone who knows the struggle of starting the work week.


“This is me starting the work week,” White Rock Bear Shelter humorously captioned the video.

“We’re all like Chada on Monday.”

However, once the sleepiness fades, Chada is all about fun.


#HappybearsDay today! Best animals ever ❤️ Сьогодні Деньведмедя! Найкращої з тварин 🐻 ♬ оригинальный звук – Whiterockbearsanctuary

She’s a testament to resilience and her zest for life despite her rough past has made her a star at the sanctuary.


“Chada had a difficult life but remained a fighter. And she became the star of our bear family because of her character and zest for life,” the sanctuary proudly shared.

At 24, Chada is considered elderly but thankfully remains in good health.

Although she can’t live in the wild due to her familiarity with humans, her caretakers strive to provide her with a life filled with peace, joy, and of course, lots of restful sleep.

“We can’t undo what other people did to her,” the sanctuary told The Dodo.


“But we try to provide appropriate conditions and the opportunity for her to be a bear.”

Now, Chada spends her days being just that: a bear living her best life, serving as a delightful symbol for all those who cherish their sleep-ins.