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Sock Snacker: Gunner, the Pup, Goes Viral for Hilarious Mishap [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A humorous TikTok video featuring Gunner, a dog who ate his owner’s socks, has gone viral, leading to an emergency stop on a tractor trip.
  • Gunner’s owner humorously captioned the video, “The dryer doesn’t eat my socks, that’s my dog’s job apparently.” This left the internet chuckling, garnering nearly 130,000 likes on TikTok.
  • The American Kennel Club explains dogs’ attraction to socks, suggesting owners consult a vet or behaviorist if their pets show signs of obsessive non-food eating.

Dogs. They’re our loyal companions, our snuggle buddies, and apparently, our sock laundry service.

A hilarious viral clip has left the internet chortling as Gunner, a mischievous canine, discovered the hard way that socks aren’t an approved doggy snack.

In the video posted by his owner Frickey1 on TikTok in May, Gunner can be seen looking a tad remorseful and a touch queasy near the pedals of a tractor.

“Did we just have to make an emergency bailout of the tractor because somebody was going to throw up?” his owner jokingly asks.

The evidence? A pair of regurgitated socks conspicuously lying nearby.


The video’s caption playfully reads: “The dryer doesn’t eat my socks, that’s my dog’s job apparently.”

Our socks, infused with our scent, often become tantalizing chew toys for our four-legged pals, explains the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This is especially true for teething puppies who explore the world with their mouths.

Sometimes, dogs may develop a compulsive disorder called pica, which results in them obsessively eating non-food items due to triggers like stress and anxiety.

The AKC recommends, “If your dog is excessively focused on eating socks or other non-food items, it is best to consult with a vet or behaviorist.”

But back to our furry protagonist Gunner.


His sock-eating escapade has drawn thousands of amused animal lovers on TikTok, racking up almost 130,000 likes so far.

The comments section is flooded with giggles and empathetic remarks.

One user, Ty, humorously commented: “Can we just not talk about it?”

Another, named Laura, shared: “Definitely a chocolate lab thing. A sock killed our boy.”

User janice315 joined in the fun with: “Side eye. Side eye!”

Jse0920 chimed in with their own anecdote: “Thought my beagle was throwing up some kind of monster in [the] middle of night-it was my husband’s whole sock.”


Despite the socky hiccup, we’re sure Gunner’s just fine now, probably scouting his next great adventure (preferably sans socks).

After all, as the saying goes, every dog has its (viral) day!